Friday, February 22, 2008

This is my Spring in Winter picture for Show & Tell Friday. I found this IKEA bottle the other day at Goodwill, and of course I grabbed it. Not that it matches any of my decor, because it doesn't. It just reminded me so much of springtime. I do have a window ledge in my shower that already has a pretty blue bottle and I thought this green one would be pretty up there when the morning sun shines through it. Unfortulately, it is too tall! So I decided to plant it in the still-falling snow--just long enough to take a picture of it, of course, and then I think it'll go in my office for a splash if color. Visit Kelli for Show & Tell Friday to join in the fun!

It's All Good!
Postscript: A friend over at Simply Stork commented with a suggestion to put one of those coffee flavor spouts on it and use it for dishsoap or something. My spring green bottle now houses my olive oil! The spout fits perfectly. I would've never thought of that. I so appreciate this blogging community, not only for the great stories and pictures that encourage me daily, but also for the great tips! Thanks friends!


  1. What a pretty bottle, and yes, it does remind me of spring too. Thank you for stopping by. Please come again when you are able. Wow, you get lots of snow. My children wish for more snow.

    Hugs, Kathi

  2. What a great find! Beautiful! I sure understand you wishing for spring. I think we've all had about enough winter for one year! lol

    Thanks so much for stopping in for my first Show and Tell. I'm having so much fun seeing everyone's posts. ;o)

  3. beautiful bottle...My sister uses those beautiful bottles for dish soap with a coffee flavor's very pretty sitting on her counter...very "martha"


    (thanks for poppin in...please come on back any time :o)

  4. yes! glad to hear you shop at goodwill, too!
    your bottle is awesome...great idea for the olive oil!

  5. Brenda, I came by today and trouble linking to you through Kelli's site. You may want to check it out! glad I found you.

    What I came by for was to ask you to come by my site for an Urgent Prayer request!! Thanks - Jen

  6. Olive oil is a great thing to put in the lovely bottle. I bought a bottle for olive oil at a Marshall's store. I love it. It's really handy.

  7. I like the whole idea of
    a spring green colored
    bottle in the snow.
    We can only hope Spring
    is soon!
    Wish I lived near IKEA!

  8. I like your bottle. It really does make it look like spring. Soon! Thanks for sharing.


  9. I love snow, and your pictures are great. We got some freezing rain and then it warmed up and melted off. Pfft! I want some snow like yours so I can make snow cream!

    My daffodils are starting to bloom now. I have a couple of them open already.

    Pretty bottle for your oil!

    I dread the hot weather so much. I like winter better myself, though this one has been really mild for us so far.

    Have a great weekend! ;o)



  10. I love the bottle. I see why you would be drawn to it. It is so springy and the oil will be divine.

  11. Beautiful bottle and glad you found a true usefulness for it too. That always makes beautiful things even better.

  12. Oh it is such a pretty bottle and I love the way you photographed it. Very creative. I have a bottle with my dish soap. I love the idea of bottling up the olive oil too. Great use. And good find.

  13. Thank you for praying. I have been by Brandy's, and she hasn't posted an update yet. but God is good, and many have prayed. It is all in His Hands, always was, but we have the honor of fellowshipping with Him for this young lady's behalf. Thanks Brenda! Jennifer

  14. What a beautiful bottle and a fun picture too! I love the tip to use it for olive oil!

  15. In the snow it looks like new green growth breaking through... its a nice piece :-)

  16. Ahh the color of spring for sure.


  17. Very pretty bottle and it does look like spring!


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