Good Grief

My Mom passed away on March 5, 2014 shortly before her 78th birthday. These random lessons are my attempt to relay through writing what I have experienced this past year.  Bear with me.  This is my way of remembering so I won't forget.  I can't, nor do I want to ever forget the journey the Lord walked my mom, myself and my siblings through.  The way she died may not have been the Lord's choice, but He was with us the entire way.  And as hard as it was, a lot of good and special memories came of it.

Living Lessons #1 - When Death is Eminent
In this post I write about my needing to step up and 'put the big girl panties on'.

Living Lessons #2 - Teamwork
My family is amazing.  This is a glimpse into the Cline/Wise team.

Living Lessons #3 - Can Someone Just Help Us?
This post is some tips I've learned along the way (unfortunately the hard way).  Maybe it will save someone some heartache when dealing with the practical.

Living Lessons #4 - Lemons to Lemonade
All of us have used our grief in a positive way.  This is my brother's account.

Living Lessons #5 - Life Can Be Enjoyed
Enjoying the special times in the midst of your pain.

Living Lessons #6 - Not My Circus Not My Monkeys
Dealing with executorship and handling of the estate.

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