Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Living Lessons #2 -- Teamwork

Most people have a favorite team.  Mine used to be the Broncos.  But I've changed my allegiance!

Let me introduce you to my very favorite team in the whole world:  Team Wise/Cline.

Front row:  Myself, Dad, Reva  Back row:  Jim, Jerry, Jeffrie, Jon, Jack
And all of us in order of age:  RevaJackJimboJeffBrendaJonJerry
The reason I say this is because all of us pulled together like a team the minute we found out about our Mom's diagnosis.  Not one of us carried more or less of the load.  We each did our part to help each other as a team.

I will go on a rabbit trail here and tell you a little about how the Wise/Cline Clan, as we were called, came to be.

My father, Jack Wise Sr., died of heart complications when I was two years old, leaving my mom with my two older brothers (Jack & Jeff) and myself.  My 'step' dad Darrell Cline's first wife (and her sister) were tragically killed in a car accident leaving behind a daughter (Reva) and two sons (Jim & Jon).  I was five when Mom married Dad, and a year or two later they gave us our little brother (Jerry).  Yours, Mine, Ours.  Thus the Wise/Cline Clan.

We were raised to love God and love and respect each other.  And we were kept in tow with an occasional swat on the backside--some of us more swats than others!

Today, I could go to any one of my brothers or sis or Dad with concerns or cares on my heart and walk away a better person knowing they love me and want the very best for me.

We worked hand-in-hand to make sure Mom's journey was as smooth as we could possibly make it for her.  Mom learned to know and appreciate how much we loved her realizing it was an honor and privilege for us to do so.

I learned how valuable our love and friendship was with her and is still between me, my siblings and our Dad, and I will not ever take that for granted.

I will write more later, about other team members.

It's All Team Wise/Cline Good!


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  1. What a blessing to have a family that pulls together and helps out like yours did! And it's more unusual because not many step families would do that. Love this team report!

  2. Family. It's what it's all about and how God intends it to be!!

  3. So much tragedy in your family. So sad.

    Keep up the good teamwork!


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