Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving, Family & Tryptophan

What a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving we had.  A small intimate gathering of our little family of four, Sunny's mom and my brother Jack and SIL Mary.  Oh and Ajack our golden retriever.

I enjoy cooking a Thanksgiving dinner, even though my mind still can't wrap itself around the fact that the two-day prep is always devoured in 20 minutes.  Mary brought the appetizer (a yummy warm brie with cranberry compote), cranberry relish and homemade pumpkin pies and whipped cream.

I cooked two turkeys--because, dontcha know, leftover turkey sandwiches are just as much a part of the Thanksgiving tradition as the day itself, right?  Besides, I knew my brother would need that special comfort sandwich too, so there was enough to send some home with them as well.

We enjoyed a nice long walk afterwards, it was 70 degrees out which is rare for this time of year.  The girls ditched us mid-walk.  We came back to find them having their turkey tryptophan nap.  Is that a picture of sisters, or what?

The evening was spent reminiscing and enjoying the delicious pumpkin and apple crumb pie with homemade whipped cream.

Black Friday.  It's definitely not what I enjoy participating in, but I needed a vacuum cleaner for my oldest daughter's birthday (which was Sunday and, yep, she requested a vacuum cleaner).  I knew I'd be saving money by waiting until Black Friday, so off we ventured.  The places we needed to go really weren't that bad, and of course we didn't go at the crack of dawn either, after all we do value our lives.  We ended up saving a couple hundred bucks between the vacuum and my husband's early Christmas present, a punching bag (gotta take out his frustrations somehow!).

The added bonus was having one more meal with Jack and Mary before they headed home as well as getting to visit with Jack's son, Michael.

Now on to Christmas.  Simple and relaxing it will be.

It's All Time for Another Turkey Sandwich Good!



  1. Leftover turkey sandwiches are a must here, too, as is Turkey Bone soup. And Thanksgiving afternoon naps. :-)

  2. We didn't have leftover turkey this year - too many mouths! I do love a turkey sandwich though. I have another turkey to cook sometime, so I'll enjoy it then.

  3. I didn't cook this year - so no sandwiches. Glad you're back blogging.


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