Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #3 Things l Love About Winter

Since I've been yearning for Spring so much and complaining about winter, I've decided, instead of griping about all the snow we've got and how cold it is, I'm going to be fair and give 13 things I love about Winter.

So here goes...hmmmm...I'm thinking...there's got to be something...give me a minute...oh, oh I know...

1...It's spectacularly beautiful right after a snowfall...BEFORE the snowplow buries your car, your driveway, your mailbox AND the person at the mailbox getting the mail...that would be ME!

2...Making snow cream. For a recipe read my previous post. And don't forget: NEVER EAT YELLOW SNOW!

3...Driving around town having to dodge every Grand Canyon-sized pothole because the plows have torn up the streets because it has snowed so much this season...whew that was a mouthful!

4...Going tubing and hitting a bump so hard that it throws me and my legs into a position that only my midwife has seen...along with the stretegically placed photographer, aka my 'former' friend, who snaps this airborne picture of me and threatens to put it up on the bulletin board at church. (Thankfully, being raised with 5 brothers and having honed my rough-housing skills I was able to tackle the culprit (in church no less) and retrieve the offending picture!) OH MY GOSH! she still has the negative...! Ok, I'm kidding about the abusive part.

5...The beautiful, sunny day after it has snowed, trying to get down the driveway to the mailbox and back without a giant clump of snow falling from the awesomely tall (80-100 ft.) Ponderosa pine trees and hitting you smack dab on top of your head. Kinda a fun game actually.

6...Watching the out-of-towner's who have never seen snow, on the side of the highway eating the snow, taking pictures in the snow etc., etc. never realizing they will soon become a part of that comes that darn snowplow! HeHe!

7...Learning the hard way when, as a child, I decided to go down the hill head-first on an inner tube not having the sense enough to lift my face up out of the snow. Needless to say my cute little face was pretty torn up. On the bright side, I didn't have to go to school for a couple days--you know, until after the swelling went down! In all fairness, winter is not to be blamed here. Only my own stupidity.

8...Hmmm...this might've also been the same day my sister blasted her nose into the snow as well and woke up the next morning with 2 giant black eyes. Wonder if State Farm has tubing insurance?

9. First (and last) Christian youth winter camp. We're at an outdoor ice skating rink. I lose my balance and, out of reflex, reach out and grab at anything to keep me from falling. Unfortunately, that anything happened to be the cute boy in front of me. That cute boy ended up with a concussion after blasting his head on the ice. Did I do that?! What a way to catch a boy.

10...Since we live on a nice hill with a sharp curve in the middle, it can be a little challenging making it up after a snowstorm, even with 4-wheel drive. At the bottom of the hill we start making a run for it. My husband usually handles it pretty well, and we can usually make it the first time. Well, the other night we got a good clip going, no cars in front or coming down, went to make the sharp turn half way up and, instead of the wheels turning, we dove right into the snow bank. Thankfully, that snow bank prevented us from flying right into the ditch, but, of course, couldn't prevent us from the little accidents we had in our britches. I may have been mistaken but, I do think I saw our guardian angels, Shirley and Goodness, bail.

11...Waking up to a huge snowstorm and being 'stranded' in the house. My 20 yr. old daughter wakes up, looks outside, goes to the fridge and says "What, no chocolate?! Two grown women stranded at home without chocolate--NOT a pretty picture!

12...Ok, I can't think of anymore sarcastic reasons to love winter. So I'll be serious. We live in an area that has been in drought for several years. I really do appreciate the extra moisture we've received. And because of it, our Spring and Summer is going to be absolutely gorgeous.

13...Lastly, my very favorite reason I like winter (like the way I changed that from love to like!): We are only 2 1/2 hours from Phoenix. So when we absolutely can not stand another day of cold, we just hop in the truck and drive down for a day of warmth and of course, an In N' Out Burger!
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  1. You're tired of snow and I'm still wishing for at least one good snowfall this season. It ain't lookin' good for me though, and Spring is on its way...

    Have a great Thursday, Brenda.



  2. Oh Brenda, do I know what you mean about spring but at least you have the option of going to Phoenix, that's a plus. Really enjoyed your post today. You made me laugh.

    LeAnn :)

  3. I love your TT for today. I love snow, and we got out first yesterday. However, I'm sure you don't wish to see the pictures I posted yesterday, lol, as you have probably seen all the snow you care to see.

  4. Love and winter will never be used in my vocabulary together unless it is I LOVE the fact WINTER is over. So some effect like that lol.

  5. I didn't know AZ got snow, so I learned something today. And, yes I remember making snow cream when I was a little girl and also for my kids.
    We have an inch or less of snow here today. We haven't had a good snow in years.

  6. Hi, cool list!! I really like winter too!! It's one of my favorite season, I'm not a big heat fan! Ice skateing is fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Boy the weather is great here today. Don't you wish you were here eating an In-N-Out burger? I loved your 13 reasons for likeing winter. I think most people think all of Arizona is like the desert. They don't realize how very different it is up north.
    I had artherscopic surgery on my knee in November. I had a torn meniscus (not spelled right). The doctor fixed that and smoothed the cartledge up, but the problem was that the cartledge was almost all gone - thus arthritis which he says is my problem now. It looks like knee replacement is the only thing if the shots don't work.
    Have a nice day. Cheer up. The weather there will be fantastic before long and we will be sweltering.

  8. i'm not a snow fan right now either, since i live in an apt and have to take my dogs outside to go on leashes! ack!

    happy tt

  9. #11 hit home with me. Here in Chicago, the winter's been brutal. At first I thought being snowed in was exciting and romantic. But that was 3 months ago. Now it just leaves me feeling claustrophobic. (Thanks for visiting my TT)

  10. Terrific Post...I was sitting here recalling the days of my youth, when winter was fun, sledding and hot cocoa. Now I am just plain sick of it! You do have the best of both. Thanks for sharing.:)

  11. Love the snow cream, haven't had that in many years. We also live in a drought area, north Atlanta; and all our rain is really helping. Just moved here from Phoenix in Oct. Thanks for visiting.

  12. And that is one of the reasons I live in Arizona. Actually I really like snow, but I have never had to live and deal with it.

    Happy TT!

  13. Congratulations on the daffodil stems. Will be anxious to see the picture.

  14. I'm sick of snow too! And I loved all of the things you "love" about winter!

  15. i love you tt, glad i came across it! i am a winter lover and always looking for some more good reason to enjoy it :)

    you can see my tt {which just so happens to be my #1} at:
    thursday thirteen {thirteen silly things my daughter says/has said}

  16. We made snow cream when I was a kid too! I thought my mom made it up, lol. I used to love snow when I was a kid and didn't have to drive in it. Sledding is still one of the best things I've done in my life. You crack me up!

  17. LOL I think you were like me and finding it hard to think of reasons to like winter. You did a good job!

  18. What, you don't like snow?

    Don't worry, I'm so sick of winter that next week's TT is going to be 13 reasons I'm looking forward to Spring! :-|

    I liked 9 and 10---9 reminded me of my own "bashed a guy's head in by accident at youth church camp" story---although, it was a *different* head. :-O Only my closest and oldest friends still call me "nutcracker" to remind me....

    Thanks for the comment!


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