Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Best Friend Day!

I had the privilege of spending the whole day with my best friend, Debbie. We have been so close for 27 or so years.
We met in our church. We were pretty much acquaintances until we had dinner with them one evening. Many people have that one person in their lives who are so hilarious that whenever you're around them you come real close to, if not, 'tinkling' in your britches. Well, Debbie is that person. She's the roll-on-the-floor-laughing-hysterically type of fun. Yet, she has a beautiful sensitive side to her that is just so real. We can talk about anything with each other and know that the other isn't going to judge us no matter if they disagree.
The Best Friend part happened when we moved in next door to each other. There were some brand-spanking new apartments opening up, I believe 30 units. We were needing to move after our landlord raised our rent $110 (seriously, how crazy is that?), and at the same time they were looking to move. So, the night we had dinner we found out they were looking at the same apts as we were. A mutual friend warned us that this was probably a bad idea and to 'make sure you don't pick apts next door to each other 'cause you'll end up hating each other' yada, yada! We didn't think much about it. Like I stated above, these were brand-new so we had the pick of the 30 units to choose from. We went out and picked ours and they picked theirs and that night at church found out that we picked the two units, guess where?--right next door to each other!
Now this part is going to sound a little 'grade school' for most, but one evening about a month or so after we moved in, Deb and I were out and about doing whatever, and a 'best friend' conversation came up. You know, like "I've never had a best, best friend"..."That's so funny, neither have I"..."Ok, then let's be best friend's"..."Pinky swear?"...and the rest is history!
So 2nd grade, right? But you know what? Something about that simple conversation was sealed in our hearts. (Funny, 'cross your heart and hope to die' just came to mind!)
We lived next door for another year or so after which they moved to Denver to pastor a church and a year later, we move to TX to pastor as well. But thru all these years we have kept in touch, visiting back and forth and remained best friends thru everything, good and sad. I guess pinky swearing really does work!
By the way, our husbands became best friends as well. They shared the same birthday. Not to leave this post on a sad note, but Debbie's husband, Marvin, went to be with the Lord a year ago after a short but horribly painful battle with cancer. We miss him so much still. The pain grips us, sometimes unexpectedly, you know, those little reminders. Debbie has been so brave thru it all. She is my hero. I've watched her suffer in grief yet come out stronger in the end, because she just simply trusts the Lord. She didn't allow his death to make her bitter or shake her fist at God. Did she wonder why? Of course, but she so trusts in her Savior that she knows she doesn't need the answers to move on.
So today was a great day of reminiscing together the happy memories and times shared with them as a couple, but also knowing that our best friend 'status' will always remain intact, hopefully forever! After all, we pinky swore!
What about you, my blogging friends? Any best-friend stories you'd like to share?

It's All BEST FRIEND Good!


  1. I guess my oldest sister is my earthly best friend. We met when I was born too :)
    I am so glad that you have a friend like that Brenda. They are treasures. As in a rare find. I find as I get older, we really only have a handful of true friends. And thats okay. We don't really need alot to make the most of this life. I am surrounded by lots of great great people, but still only a handful that really I can share everything with. I think you had a blessed day of friendship and I Pinky Swear that.

  2. Oh Brenda that was such a sweet story. My best friend is my SIL who I just went and stayed with in Tennessee. She and I laugh when we are together like nobody's business. Tis so good to laugh! I'm glad you have a wonderful friend and such beautiful memories. She sounds like a wonderful woman of God who can handle her husband's death in such a faithful manner. Have a great day Brenda.

    LeAnn :)

  3. What a treasure to have a friend like that. They don't come along that often. I have only had one friend who was the best and seemed like a sister to me. She passed away about four years after we met. She died of cancer.

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  5. Love your story.....especially the part about the pinky ring swear. I wrote about my forever friend last June 4, 2007. You can link to it here if you'd like to read it.

  6. It's wonderful to have a friend like that. Sounds like you are real soul mates. I think that's great.
    Hope you have a fantastic relaxing weekend. The weather here is fantastic now.

  7. Hi Brenda,I saw your comment on the dust bunny hostage site,and decided to come truckin on over to pay you a visit as well.Best friends are always a treasure.I have a couple one my childhood friend Irv.and My Wife( of 28 years),who is also my best friend.

  8. I am so sad that you lost your friend and she lost her husband to cancer. Such a shame.

    The pinky swear thing actually DOENS'T sound childish to me. Aren't we all a little vulnerable and unsure where we stand with other people and our relationships? That verbal affirmation did indeed seal things for you.

    Be blessed.


  9. Hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding and get to have a good rest! :) Brenda

  10. That's a wonderful story.

    I have two friends since I was seven and one from the time I was eleven. They are still special to me and time stand still when we get together.

    What a blessing for you both to have each other.


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