Tuesday, May 13, 2008


On a lighter note Jan, the Crazy Lady on Road 80, has a clever, humorous post worth reading. Made my day!

It's STILL All Good!


  1. Brenda-I didn't know that you enjoyed a good ole corny Hoe down.

    You sowed a seed in my heart today that is beeting fast. Thanks for taking the thyme to do this.

  2. may +snow= a silly joke played by mother nature.

  3. You've got snow, we've got storms again. I think you may be onto something with your theory that your snowy weather is linked to our storms. Makes sense.

    Tell you what, you fix it so it doesn't snow there any more and I'll work on it not storming here when your weather makes it down here. Deal? ;o)

    Have a good week, Brenda.

    Love and hugs,


  4. Snow in May??! Well THERE'S another thing that makes me go EWWWWWWWWWWW.

    You will LOVE YOUR IPOD! Aside from being the best thing invented since sliced bread, eBay, and everything in between, it is dieter's BEST FRIEND EVER! NOTHING motivates me to exercise like my favorite happy music. For me, it's roller skating and walking and jumping around on a mini-tramp; whatever your favorite move-your-booty activity is, having your music will make it LOADS more fun and SOOO much easier to stick to it.

    Bet that meter notches down some more real quick once you get some tunes loaded!

  5. ok..where do you live for snow?


  6. Thanks Brenda, that was a fun post to read. It was very witty.

  7. This has been a weird spring...It has been cooler here, more than normal...It must be that Global warming.....lol

  8. The weather is speaking loud & clear.....all over the world!!!

  9. I don't even know you but I thought of you yesterday when I saw the pictures of the snow up there. Again, better you than me!!
    Down here in Marana, AZ we had a spatter of rain, clouds all day and cool, cool, cool. I even got outside and extended the tree wells with the tiller. What a nice treat before the heat really sets in.

  10. I had no idea that it snowed in Arizona....thought it was always hot! Guess you find out something new everyday! Or maybe I just wasn't paying attention in school!!!

  11. Yep, it snowed here yesterday too, and we have a chance again tomorrow. S-n-o-w is quickly becoming a very bad four letter word around here.

    Hoping for sunny skies for you tomorrow!

  12. I'll check it out, Brenda. I hope you are having a good day. I posted some pictures made on our trip last week. Check it out.


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