Monday, July 7, 2008

72 oz. = 4 1/2 lbs. & Happy Chocolate Day!

Did you know that today is Happy Chocolate Day? And I didn't find out until 8:30 PM tonight, July 7, and quite by accident. Can you believe I, of all people, did not know this?

I...KNOW! That's what I said!

SO...My daughter, Chels, helped cater a graduation party. They let her take home this GINORMOUS unopened bag of Toll House semi-sweet chocolate chips. Well...they started out as chocolate chips, BUT after sitting in her car for a day, this bag turned into a huge bag of ooey, gooey, YUMMY melted chocolate! Now, I'm not real good with math, so it took me a moment to convert this to 4 1/2 LBS. OF CHOCOLATE. Is this a dream? Have I died and went to Her*shey Heaven? She brought that in the house, my eyes bulged out of their sockets and--losing all dignity--I began drooling (have I no shame?) I had a spoon in my hand before the bag could land with a soft, squishy, melty THUD on the counter. Then we dug in (yes, I DO share!) After all, it wasn't going to be long before it turned into a big hard brick, right? Which it did. Just another delightful SO... moment in my life.



  1. Too funny!!! I bet it was yummy!!


  2. Brenda, I am so amazed at this post today. I was craving chocolate today badly, the only thing I had around, was my 72 oz. bag of chocolate chips. Same brand. I dug in and took a handful. How funny is that. I haven't done that in months. What are the odds of us both celebrating Happy Chocolate Day in unison...Mine was chips and not a thick bar though. But still.


  3. I can't believe I missed it. Wow what a wonderful time you must have had digging in. Yummy.

  4. Shoot! Figures I'd find out about it at 12:04 AM the NEXT day.

    Gotta put this on my calendar for next year!

  5. Yum! And to think, I barely had any chocolate yesterday (I did have a couple fudge striped cookies)!

    It's awful convenient that the chips melted and could no longer be saved to make cookies. ;)

  6. what, are you CRAZY or somethin , brenda, you can't just show chocolate like that to unspecting bloggers coming off the internet out of the rain, it will cause panic,

  7. Thanks for sharing your chocolate day with me. I'm glad I just got through eating or else I would have to find me some chocolate after that description.

  8. Hi Brenda
    Oh I wish I had known that I would have shoved more chocolate in my mouth then I already did today (:) LOL.
    Made be laugh at the ''stinky' comment..glad you came by..
    Hugs Patty and
    Happy chocolate DAY~!!!

  9. Thanks for your sweet and caring comments on my bog through this medical "crud"

    You know every once in a while I get a craving for chocolate, but most of the time I would pass it all to you!
    Have a great rest of the week!

  10. Do not feel bad, my Chocolatey Friend -- I did not know it was happy chocolate day either. Until TODAY, which is Thursday!!!! Let us have a Dove in celebration of our new-found knowledge!!

  11. Who could resist that much chocolate! Especialy when it was all gooey and soooo yummy! Wish I'd been there. Got any left? I'll be right over. lol
    Have a great week. :)

  12. You know it's funny but as I read your chocolate blog I am eating a cherry crunch I made (with fresh home picked cherries), butter pecan icecream and covered with lots of rich thick dark milk chocoloate. Yummm, yumm. I could really relate to your chocolate drool. You are so funny sister and you make me laugh just like you did when we were kids. What a joy you have been. Keep on keepin on being you, girl. your little big sis

  13. TWIX! I celebrated Brenda!

    I love your SO at the top of your post. I am a SO-er. I SO alot! Very cool SO.

    So I'll see you later?


  14. I can't believe I missed chocolate day. I wore both of my chocolate shirts this week though. How can anyone not like chocolate?

  15. Brenda,
    That is truly an awesome story! I can just picture you all ready with your spoon! And it sounds like it was incredibly delicious!

    I had no idea about Chocolate Day, but I think I better go make up for lost time! :-)



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