Sunday, August 3, 2008

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.--Psalm 51:10

The Lord dropped this scripture in my heart one day probably 18 months ago. What I mean by that is that it came to me out of the clear blue. Has that ever happened to you? It wasn't a verse I had read through studying the Word that day or something I had read in a devotional. It just...came to me.

I knew right then that God was trying to get something over to me. When this happens I begin praying and asking, What is it, Lord? What are You trying to speak to me? I would check my heart daily and pray, Let my heart be clean before you Oh, Lord. If there is anything in me that is dishonoring to You in any way, correct it, renew a right spirit in me.

This went on for about six months.

Then IT happened! Exactly what 'IT' is isn't relevant at this point and a very long story!

In hindsight I see how the Lord was preparing us for one of the worst spiritual/personal character attacks we have experienced in our entire walk with Him. Now, I had to truly put this verse into action because bitterness and unforgiveness, among other things, really tried to put down deep roots inside of me. Suddenly, 'create in me a clean heart' became very personal. My constant prayer along with this verse was I forgive, I forgive, I forgive! And...I forgive again!

I thank God for is loving concern for me ahead of time in preparing the soil of my heart. He knew!



  1. How do you manage to stay faithful?I had given my heart to Christ but my mind says otherwise.I would like more guidance but lack the disclipline Christ expects.Any words of wisdom?

  2. Sometimes forgiveness is a process - good for you to keep at it.

  3. We had lesson today at church on this subject. It is very hard sometimes to forgive, but very rewarding in the end. It takes faith and the knowledge that He is in control. I am so grateful for that.

  4. The entire chapter of Psalm 51 is one of my very favorite passages of scripture. I think it's tied with John 14 for my favorite scriptures.

    God is good, all the time. :o)

    Love and hugs,


  5. That is beautiful. I understand very well about having a "clean" heart. We also walked through a very hurtful season of ministry, and I struggled at times to be Christlike to those who had hurt me.

    Thank you for sharing this verse and how God used it in your life. It encouraged me today.

  6. What a wonderful post...isn't God gracious!

    Something happened to me at the beginning of this year and I am having a hard time with forgiveness (some good days, some not so good). Thank you for this verse to cling too!

  7. Your spiritual posts always seem to come along at just the right moment. Thank you so much for that.

    I will have this verse in my heart all day, and hopefully carrying forward, too. Your example of forgiveness is one that I need to take to heart, too.

    Your nephew is in my thoughts and prayers, Sweet B!

  8. Amazing post. Glad that you were able to see how the Lord was preparing you, even though it sounds like it was a VERY difficult situation.


  9. how is reva's big sis doing love your earth, plant blog, but i get a lot of weeds, any advice for that?

  10. Isn't it great how the Lord knows what lies ahead of us and when we walk in the Spirit, He prepares us for those things which we don't even know exist at the time. Even though I don't know the particulars of your situation, I know that by your obedience to God, He will work all things together for your good.
    Hey, thanks for your comments on my earthquake day. (Sorry I've been away for a while). No, that wasn't my first earthquake - I'm a So. California native and have "survived" every earthquake that's hit in my 52 years. This is only the second time I've actually had anything get broken. And thank for the link to that stuff to stick things down in case of earthquakes. Ijust may get some of it for all those jars! lol
    Hope your week's going great.
    :) Brenda

  11. Isn't our God wonderful, amazing and full of so much grace & mercy. Thanks for sharing this experience of truth that you've had.

  12. Sis,

    There used to be a short song we sang in youth church growing up that stated that scripture. I always loved that song and can almost hear it now in my mind. Ask Jack for the melody. I'm sure he'll remember it. love, lil big sis to big lil sis.

  13. Wonderful....

    I never was a big lover of Mondays... I think you changed that for me :)


  14. Brenda, I am so behind in visiting my favorite blogs, but I want you to know that this post is very touching to me. You know God works on His time schedule and not on our's. Sometimes God doesn't answer our prayers right away, but we must never give up having faith that He will answer when the time is right and we are ready for His answer.

  15. When you said, "God spoke to me..." it made me think of Mark Lowery. Just in case (unblievable) you need an introduction, Mark is both a Christian singer and commedian. In a routine he did one time he mentioned the need to hear God speak to him but he ask God to "please don't speak out loud, I am a Baptist and it would scare me to death"

    Sorry, I and my family are always looking for something to laugh at and don't go very long in our day to find that very thing. Connie


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