Saturday, October 4, 2008

I have had the privelege of meeting my first blogging buddy in real life! I KNOW! I was really excited. Susan, (Penless Writer), emailed me a couple of weeks ago. Her and Mickey were celebrating their wedding anniversary. They were married here in Flagstaff 50 years ago on Saturday! A milestone for sure, especially in this day and age.

We met Susan and Mickey at Cracker Barrell for coffee and dessert. All I can say is what a delightful couple! They made us feel very comfortable--you know, no axes in their back pockets, stuff like that! ;) But seriously, very real and down-to-earth.

Thank you, Susan, for wanting to meet up with us. You and Mickey blessed us with your sweet, Godly spirits. I look forward to a blossoming friendship with you. And you both are always welcome in our home. You made our day! Happy 50th anniversary!

{But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Galations 5:22,23 niv}

Off topic, Saturday was an overcast, cold and rainy day. (We actually woke up Sunday with the 'S'- word on the San Francisco Peaks--ok, I'll say it--SNOW!) Anyway, around noon our 7 yr. old daughter comes in the bedroom and says,

Mom, it looks like the sun's never gonna rise up today!

It's All Susan & Mickey Good!


  1. give you new foud real life friends a hug for and a hearty Happy 50Th anaversary.

  2. How fun for you Brenda. That is so neat that they came and met up with you. They look really really nice. Those smiles say alot. Cute picture of you all.

  3. Hi Brenda, Your visit with Susan and her husband Mickey was a very special time for you and is always so much fun to meet our blogging friends in person.Wishing both of them a "happy 50th Anniversary"..thanks for sharing..your daughter Grace had a big smile and looks so cute..
    Hugs, Baba

  4. I've met in real life with a couple of my blogging buddies. One of them is no longer blogging, and I miss her so much, even after nearly 2 years.

    Glad y'all had a good time, Brenda. :-)

    It was a beautiful sunny Fall day here, mid 80's and just gorgeous. It's getting cooler at night, even been down in the low 40's several nights now. Some of the trees and foliage have just a kiss of Fall color, but nothing major yet.

    I don't mind rainy days at all. I love to nest with a warm throw and a good book or some time on the computer with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

    Have a great new week, Brenda! ;o)

    Love and hugs,


  5. Oh Brenda, I recognized that picture as being of Susan before I read her name! How exciting! She is such a beautiful woman of God. Thank you for sharing!

    You are looking pretty snazzy in that picture as well by the way.

  6. How fun to meet up with a fellow blogger! I met a blogging friend (Bren) for lunch the last time I was in Tempe. We had a great time and she is just a doll! I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

    You asked if Colorado is out of the picture. No, it's still in the running but we haven't found any businesses there that we are interested in buying. We found one in Oregon just this week so we will be calling the real estate broker tomorrow. I love Colorado and so does my husband. I just can't wait to see what God's plans are for us in the near future!

  7. Thank you for stopping by!! It's nice to meet you!! =)

    Weren't Susan and Mickey lovely??? I just love them. I wasn't going to post till they got home but I probably will do it sooner. =)

  8. I also wanted to tell you how sorry I am to hear about your nephew's cancer... so young... this is all too familiar for us, unfortunately, my children's dad is battling colon cancer that has spread and not yet responding to chemo. I'm so glad your nephew is responding to his treatment!!!! =)

  9. I'm glad that it went well and they weren't crazies or anything. I've only met one blog friend, and it was just an accidental meeting.

  10. How wonderful to meet Susan and Mickey!

  11. How cool to have that opportunity. I read Susan's blog also.

  12. i amm not a very good person...i blog to reva amber, even david and lori, but i never do to why don't i??? no good reason...i have a sister in law in tempe...maybe it is because i assume your health is good, so i fail to keep in touch... and i do remeember grace...didn't i blog about her once...isn't she the girl who came late to you or am i mistaken??

  13. Sounds like fun Brenda. Maybe more in the future when you move here?

    p.s. Just read the previous post and you took great pictures. The kids had a great time for sure!

  14. How nice you got to meet Susan and Mickey. The Cracker Barrel was a great place to get together.

  15. Boy you have been on a hilarious roll for the past couple months! How fun to catch up!

    Isn't it wonderful to meet your online friends? I often get to meet my customers and it is always thrilling - there are so many interesting people out there.

    I see your pound-o-meter has budged a bit more - YAY! Congratulations!!

    Wonderful fall weather here in central Ohio today -- you must have sent it. Thank you! I needed it.

    Warmly, Ronda

  16. How fun to meet up with blogging friends! Glad you had such a nice visit! Great picture, too!

  17. Isn't it fun to actually meet in person someone you have met online? I have met a few, and it's so fun. I'm glad you had the privilege of meeting Susan.

  18. Susan is one of my dearest blogging friends. I love her like I've known her all of my life. I think, no I know, that the Lord is the reason we have bonded so well.

    I'm so happy that you got to meet Susan and Mickey. They are world changers and I can only hope to walk in their shoes in the years to come.



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