Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby Jesus is Safe!

"And the Wise Men brought
gold, Frankinsaugh and Murray."
--as told by Grace (our 7 yr. old)
don't you just love kids' pronunciations?

Not only is he rich but he's got
a couple of bodyguards as well!

We can all now rest
assured that Baby Jesus
is safe this Christmas.

It's All Good!


  1. Love it Brenda. So true so true. Kids bring the magic and the spirit during these special days of celebrating Christ's Birth. He is safe.

  2. What about Frank and Sense... did they come too?

    Love the pronunciation! Very cute post.

  3. That's so cute. I justlove kids' perceptions of big words! Grace's rendition of the Wise Men's gifts reminds me of a kid who sang the National Anthem "Jose, can you see"
    :) Have a great week. O, and I'm still praying and believing for your sis, especially that she'll be home for Christmas!

  4. The meaning is what counts!!! Cute.

  5. That's absolutely precious. I love how kids pronounce it.

  6. How cute. Kids can be so funny without trying.
    I have no idea why Connie hasn't been blogging or visiting for so long. I speculate that she is either on vacation, however she usually checks in every few days when she's gone. Or, her computer is broken or she can't get online for some reason. Or, she's too busy knitting Christmas presents. I miss her. If she doesn't get back soon I'll have to call someone to inquire about her. I think she said she was taking her land phone out and using her cell phone. That may answer the question. She probably had dial up for her computer and no longer has it. ????
    Christmas blessings,


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