Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Interview Me"

These questions are from Jessica. If you'd like me to give you an interview, just leave "Interview Me" in your comments, and I'll shoot over some questions so I can get to know you better too.

1. If you were President, what would you do for the economy?
This is a hard question. I don't think I can fully answer because I don't know nor really understand the ins and outs of the political arena, economically or otherwise. BUT I can pray. (Yes, I know how absurd that sounds!) If I were the President I would definitely be spending time on my knees. And I would depend on and thank you for your prayers as well! (Like the way I skirted that one?)

2. Why do you blog?
Much easier question! Because I haven't made it through the 12 steps of BAP (the Blogger's Anonymous Program). Seriously, you all are the reason why I blog. I can't thank you enough for your friendships.

3. What do you think is your biggest or greatest accomplishment as a mom, wife, and then in your lifetime?
So far as a mom, for which I give the Lord all the credit, watching my 21-year old daughter display a love for God as well as grasping the understanding of who she is in Christ. We're so proud of her.
As a wife, being married to a wonderful guy for going on 28 years speaks for itself.
As for my lifetime, standing before the Lord and hearing Him say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Enter in to the joy of the Lord". That will be my greatest accomplishment.

4. What is your greatest fear and why?
I don't like flying in airplanes. Any. I will fly in a jet if necessary, but I'm praying all the way up with my eyes squeezed shut and praying all the way down! However, you can forget a small aircraft. Never again. Interestingly, my husband's dream is to have his pilot's license. I tell him, "That's fine with me, but I ain't flying with you"!
So if you're flying one day and hit turbulence followed by a blood-curdling scream, "I KNEW IT...WE'RE GOING DOWN!", come and find me. You will have just officially met another fellow blogger IRL--wet britches and all!
(And besides, didn't Jesus say "And lo(w), I will be with you always"?)

5. If you had to be a zoo animal what would you be, what would your name be and why did you choose this?
Since I like both elephants and giraffes, I'd be a cross between the two. A Girelefant or a Elephaff. Hopefully being as tall as the giraffe would make my elephant's backside look a little slimmer. Aw, nevermind, I'd just wear black!

Your turn! Can I interview you?



  1. Interesting questions and very good answers.

  2. I would love to be interviewed by you....because....I know you'll make them "It's all good!"...and while you're at it how about "It's all easy!"?

  3. so love this interview. You are so fun and cute.

  4. If I was the President I would spend a lot of time in prayer too. The experts say that cutting taxes is the best way to stimulate the economy so that is what I would do. I'm afraid what this President is interested in is just growing the government and getting more and more people depending on the government for everything.

  5. Loved your answers and you are welcome to interview me anytime.
    Thanks for all the good comments, you are a great bog friend!

  6. HI Brenda(:)
    so you are a 'stick-figure' type gal..LOL ..I bet you could paint something pretty in a tray if you tried.. ..just need a plan and some good brushes.. (:) I like to water down my paint and make it look like a watercolor--some of the time..
    Roses are one of the hardest flowers to paint, I am not the best at them..daisies would be easy(:)
    I loved your quiz answers..
    OH an me too ''am terrified'' to fly I have flown once and ugh ~~
    I know we just have to have faith ..(:)
    hugs , Patty

  7. Some of those questions were hard, but I loved your answers and it was nice to learn more about you.

  8. Geezly crow! That first one was hard!! You handled it brilliantly. 28 YEARS!! You are my hero. And I want to be successful with my daughters too through the Lord.

    Awesome interview Brenda!

  9. Hey, I thought of you tonight when the Cardinals sorry, and I was pulling for them too. I felt really bad for Kurt Warner, he did a good job as did the rest of the Hey! they made it to the Super Bowl!

    Loved your post, feel free to interview me anytime, as you can tell by my blog, my life is pretty much and open book! LOL!


  10. Ooh, #1 is a hard one! Makes the rest look like a piece of cake.

  11. I am PRO arranged marriage in the case of finding Christian spouses for my kids :)

    LOL at you comment!

  12. Helen Hunt's signature on the cup really?? that is interesting.. the movie star??
    I better go look at mine (:)
    Thanks for coming over Breneda~~

    hugs, Patty

  13. Love those answers, especially the "girelefant". Now that's an 'animal' I'd love to see! lol
    Hope you're having a great week so far. O, btw, how is your sister, Reva, doing? I'm still praying for her.
    Brenda, the other one :=)

  14. Thanks for your visit and comment Brenda. liked your answers, funny, interesting and inspiring.

    As for your daughter coming to 'know wo she is in Christ' no better achievement can there be.


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