Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Diane Asked

You're going to be abandoned on a deserted island for a year, but you are allowed to take some things with you. You can take a year's supply of 2 beverages, 2 meats, 3 vegetables and 2 fruits. What would you choose? You can also take your mp3 player with a year's supply of batteries. What songs/artists/styles of music would you preload on your music player? And you can add anything else you'd like to the details if that's not enough to get your creative juices flowing. :o)

My fun albeit facetious friend, Diane, has created this scenario for me.

Wouldn't you agree that anyone who would abandon me on a deserted island knowing I can't do without the internet and CHOCOLATE just might be a little facetious?

Thought so.


Okey Dokey, Diane, here goes.

2 beverages: water and an occasional DP

2 meats: steak and salmon

3 veggies: corn on the cob, avacado (that is a veggie, right?) and green/red leaf lettuce

2 fruits: first choices would be pineapples and bananas, but I would hope that this is a tropical island, and they would already be growing on the trees, so I'll pick strawberries and pears.

I would load my husband's and daughters' voices, Nicole C. Mullens, Darlene Zschech worship music, some favorite teaching sermons.

I'm assuming "you can add anything else you'd like to the details" would mean other than the basics--t.p., sunscreen, my Bible, etc. And since I would not be able to last a year without my chocolate, I'm including that as an 'added detail' and will take back calling you facetious!

Arriva Derci.
Siyanara, Diane, see ya when I get back!
(Linda Asked is next!)
It's All Bon Voyage Good!


  1. Well, that was fun! ;o)

    We'd get along if we had to share the food, but I'd prefer some Coke Zero along with the water and Dr. Pepper.

    Thanks for answering my questions. Looking forward to the next batch!

    Love and hugs,


  2. Cant forget the chocolate!!!

    Could we substitute veggies for glazed doughnuts?!!!

    Loved the post.

  3. I'd have to make it Diet Pepsi, and, really, WHO could possibly go a whole year without CHOCOLATE!!! And the internet!!! And I couldn't go a whole year without my keyboard to play my own music.
    I think your foods are good - steak is my fave, except I don't like salmon, so change that to hamburgers, and I'm right there with ya!
    And Diane? Well, maybe just a tiny bit facetious? (just kidding)
    Make it a great day!
    :-) Brenda

  4. Now that was fun!!! Love the way you snuck in those extra 2 fruits!!

  5. I'm with you, I couldn't survive without my chocolate.

  6. Cute post. I think you would need the chocolate to keep your spirits up. lol

  7. I totally understand...no chocolate - that would be cruel.

  8. Hi! Brenda

    Nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting and commenting.
    Not an easy meme to do without knowing if one had to live by the reality (like strawberries going bad) or whether the list could be fantasy.
    Avocados are fruit by the way!

  9. Please just stay away from boats. I don't want to miss you while you are hanging out on that island with your strawberries and pears (because, YES OF COURSE, there is tropical fruit growing there).

  10. I just wanted you to know I have checked in and say a great big "H-O-W-D-Y" but am too tired to do anything more. I have been out almost all day, at the church for about 3 hours organizing my choir members music. They are just like little kids and can never find anything so I fixed it for them. See you later...........Connie

  11. What fun to think about. It is hard to choose. Diet pepsi--yes, definitely and chocolate too!

  12. Great answers, Brenda! I'd also be sure to pack along some chocolate!

    I've recently been stockpiling chocolate in my desk drawers. After dinner I come upstairs and veg out on the computer, eating chocolate in secret! It's a nice evening ritual! :-)

    Take care, Brenda. I hope you're well.


  13. Love the cartoon! French Vanilla Cafe would be my take.

  14. How fun! I'm with you on the pineapple and bananas. How could you go wrong with those two?!

  15. It is much too early on a Sunday morning to think. Just want to tell you I think your blog is getting more beautiful all the time.....especially with those beautiful girls pictures.


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