Monday, February 16, 2009

Ever have one of those days, or several days, when you want to post something but your mind is just ______? That's the way it's been for me lately. Oh, I know I can 'pick a meme, any meme'!, but I want to write about... _______... See what I mean? My mind just went _______.

Some of you post every day and I love that. I look forward to coming on every day knowing that Brenda--the other one ;)--, or Ronnica or Jennifer or Patty (just to name a few) will have posted something just for my reading pleasure!

It's not that I'm feeling pressured to 'keep up with the Joneses'. My time doesn't allow me to post every day. I just wish I could post at the drop of a hat. I guess the problem is that my daily life is really nothing to call home about. I don't at all mean that in a bad way. And it's not a problem for me, I enjoy my life.

I'm a stay-at-home Mom.

I home school Grace, my 7-year old.

We do ballet (well Grace does--my tutu doesn't fit my tu-tush!)

We go to the library.

Grocery store, Dollar store, thrift store.

We look forward to Chelsie coming over every Wed. for dinner. (btw, isn't that the cutest pic of Chels on my sidebar?!)

We have a cleaning business to help supplement the real estate business.

I blog visit.

Like I said, nothing to write home about.

So I'm going to ask you to help me, by asking me anything, anything you want to know specifically about me or my family that might help me get my blog juices flowing.

Help me get out of my _______ity-_______ rut! (No I'm not cussing!)

Just ask me a question in my comments, and I'll try and answer to the best of my ability.
It's All _______ Good!


  1. Great pic of Chelsie... so sorry about your block! And I wanted you to know I am praying for David.

    i have really missed coming by... I have had so much going as you know..

    Hope all is well with you, and my question is...Can you tell me about your businesses? Cleaning and real estate...just enlighten me...

    Love, Jess

  2. Hi auntie,
    I'm not the best with idea either but how is homeschooling with Grace? How did you make it through high school homeschooling Chelsie?
    There are days I'm not sure if I can homeschool another day, then there are those days. Like our Science Fun day that keep me going. But I have to be honest, I am concerned about the H.S. years!!!

  3. Ok...I have one.

    In your walk as a christian, have you ever been at a place where you just could not pray?

  4. LOVE the new picture of Chel's!!! I find I either have too many things to post about or nothing. Life seems to be like that on many levels. One thing for sure, you always have enough "sense of humor" which I so admire in you!!!

  5. I know how you feel. I feel like I should post something every day and some days there just doesn't seem to be anything on my mind that I want to post. Having three blogs I also have to decide which one I want to post on if I do come up with something. I wasn't planning to post anything at all today but then I decided to post some pictures of birds on my Scottsdale blog. Why can't I just take a day off???

  6. The new photo of Chelsie Jo is STUNNING.

    So. Parenting. What age did you allow Chelsie to..
    a) wear make up
    b) date

    Have you ever had to address hard issues like weight, clothing choices, and attitude?

    Does there ever seem to be any competition between your girls for your time or attention?

    If my questions are too personal, feel free to opt out. I tend to look at successful parents (meaning they have great kids) for tips in my own parenting.

  7. Oh! And thank you for the shout out. I post everyday (aprox) because I just cant SHUT UP :)

  8. white chocolate-- Oh I had a hard time deciding between the white chocolate or the regular chocolate.. I think I chose the white is because I like the way it looks on the pretzels better>LOL
    Silly huh..I love them both..

    Well I want to know what you do after dinner each evening??
    Do you have to go ''back out'' after dark or stay in??
    hugs, Patty

  9. I can't think of a question to ask you right now, Brenda, ha, ha. Boy am I creative!!!

  10. As you know, I don't post every day, and sometimes I end up just posting on my Sunday Dinner, no matter my good intentions. A lot of times it's feast or famine with me. I either have several things in the works or as you say, I'm just completely ______________. Not a clue what to write about.

    Hmm...A question, eh? Okay - You're going to be abandoned on a deserted island for a year, but you are allowed to take some things with you. You can take a year's supply of 2 beverages, 2 meats, 3 vegetables and 2 fruits. What would you choose?

    You can also take your mp3 player with a year's supply of batteries. What songs/artists/styles of music would you preload on your music player? And you can add anything else you'd like to the details if that's not enough to get your creative juices flowing. :o)

  11. Oh, you should have joined in at the Home School Open House! (Actually, it's not too late...I'll have the post up through Thurs. night!)

    I do have a lot of days where I feel like I should post but just am totally blank!

    Anyway, hope you can at least stop by at the Open House. I try to host them the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

  12. Well, if you've read my post today, you'll realize that I've got nothing for your reading pleasure. Blah, blah, blah. I'm with you (that picture is perfect, btw). I think I've realized why I'm in such a bloggy rut: because I can't really write about the clients that come in, and they're the most interesting part of my day. I hope that spring comes soon, so that our blog ideas will blossom!

  13. I certainly know what you mean about being in a blog "rut" and I don't even have a 7 year old at home to blog about. Nothing here sometimes. I don't post everyday either but I do like to at least post something every 2-3 days.

    I'm interested in your upcoming move to Colorado. Maybe you could talk about it and why you've decided to move back there. Is Colorado where you're from originally?

  14. HI Brenda(:) I see you still have a blank slate(:)
    hugs anyway ..LOL..Patty

  15. Hi, Brenda
    Looks like you've been given lots of great ideas to blog about. As you've probably noticed, I haven't posted anything for a few days. I decided no one wants to read about stupid things I post, so I'm also drawing a big _______! I think you asking what the blogging masses want to read is a great idea. I might try that, and get some good blog fodder goin' on at B'z Place. lol
    I think you commented on one of my posts recently that you and your hubby had pastored before. I'd like to know more about that.
    Hope your week is going well.
    :-) Brenda

  16. I have many days like that. So--how's the weather right now?

  17. Brenda,

    tell them some of the old camping stories you were a part of, like when you and Jack were chopping wood and a big scary bear came down the hill. Ha :) or maybe how you and I had to climb down the ravine while hunting, etc.


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