Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just Checking

Flashlight -- Check

Dark Chocolate --
It's All JUST CHECKIN' Good!


  1. Oh my, Brenda!!!! You are so witty and really are earning that Lemonaide award you were bestowed. Well, I've got a great idea, since you're "snowed-in" lots of time to be posting and working on drafts for posts for Hands & Hearts for Him blog!!!!!! I just posted my little bitty first stab.

  2. As long as you've got chocolate, you've got the necessities of life! Wow, I can't believe all that snow. Could you send some over here to my house? We've been getting lots of rain this week, but we never get snow here in sunny southern California. Tsk, tsk. Have a great week. :) Brenda

  3. Chocolate. That makes me feel better. Look at you in AZ. I can't believe it. In WA it would be more reasonable I thought. Good luck to you.

  4. Sitting here in Scottsdale looking out my upstairs window I see a beautiful blue sky and fantastic white clouds. It's hard to believe all that snow. It did snow down here enough to cover the ground for a few minutes a few years ago. I noticed your all time favorite movie is You Got Mail. I have seen it on TV so many times I can't count them. My wife reminds me we have it on DVD.

  5. You be checkin' 'cause of snow, we be checkin' 'cause of tornadoes headed this way. Yee haw!

    Except you can have all the chocolate, especially the dark stuff. Blech. I can eat milk chocolate though it's not my favorite thing. Dark chocolate is just ewwww.

    To each his own, I guess. My daughter, hubby and all my sisters love chocolate.

    Hope you don't lose power and stay warm and safe.

    Love and hugs,


  6. HEHE ..Oh wow Brenda looks like '''you got SNOW~!!''
    well the baby is another boy..and ya you are right may be a
    ST Patricks Day baby(:)I hadn't noticed that ~!!
    hugs Patty

  7. Love your analogys and subtle or not so subtle hints that we should all be prepared. The chocolate isn't just a good and yummy snack, it'll give quick energy and of course comfort. Can't wait for you to get here but will try to be patient.
    love ya,
    your lilbig sis

  8. Whoa! That is some serious snow!Stay warm!

  9. I loved the pictures of the snow and the one that looks as if there is a kitty in the snow. Good pictures.

  10. Wow! How much snow did y'all get? We ended up with 2 inches here, but I heard south of us was getting the bulk of it. Looks to be true, Brenda.

  11. Chocolate and TP....deifinitely ok then!

  12. These are lovely photos! In a way I envy you and then again, I don't. Here in Jersey we're having super high winds today, but no snow. We've only had one significant snowfall so far this winter and that was roughly 4-6 inches. That's okay; I'll do without it. Also I can do without dark chocolate. I prefer milk choc. and white choc.

  13. Lots of blankets I hope! Funny post!

  14. Wow! Beautiful!!
    I so wish we would get some snow worth while here. i remember growing up we had more snow and I LOVED IT!
    I love the snow, not the cold but I do love the snow!!!
    You are more than welcome to send me some!

  15. Here... It was 80 on Friday, 60's yesterday and today.

    Chocolate is the answer to everything. (Almost.) And, you don't really even need the flashlight to enjoy it. Ha!



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