Sunday, March 8, 2009

Linda Asked

This question is from Linda:

I'm interested in your upcoming move to Colorado. Maybe you could talk about it and why you've decided to move back there. Is Colorado where you're from originally?

Well, we're shooting for the fall, Lord willing, to make our move back to Colorado.

Both Sunny and I were born and raised in Colorado. Sunny grew up in Fowler (pop. 1200), and I grew up 30 west, in Pueblo.

About a year ago we felt it was what we both wanted and needed to do. A lot of my family live there, and Sunny's mom still lives in their hometown. His mom is 80. She is doing well, but we felt we needed to be closer.

I have my sister, Reva, whom many of you have 'met' and her daughter, Amber, as well as another brother there in Colorado Springs. My dad, my mom, and another brother live within an hour or so. (3 other brothers live out-of-state). Also, my best friend lives in the Denver area.

Business-wise with the real estate business the way it has been, we feel there will be more opportunities to take advantage of in Colo. Springs.

The Springs is a beautiful city. Ever since I was a little girl I thought it would be neat to live there. Looks like it's going to happen!

The only thing that makes it really hard is that my daughter, Chels, will be staying here. I'm just thankful for today's technology that makes it so easy for us to communicate. Without that, I'd probably be a basket case.

Brenda (the other one!) Asked is next!

It's All We'll Get There Good!


  1. Colorado just looks so beautiful.

  2. Colorado is such a beautiful state. I've seen pictures...never been there myself but hope to one day!

  3. Hubby and I have a dream of moving to northern Wisconsin. But our work/home/grandchildren are all here so it may only be a dream.

  4. AND, you will have a new friend waiting for you! ;)

  5. I know that if it's God's will for you guys to make the move, He will open up all the doors that need to be opened for you, and make the way for you to be near your families. I'll be praying with you that it all works out.
    Have a great week.

  6. I am really enjoying this series of posts...I was actually wondering if I could use your idea...I will link to you of course, but if you don't want me to I uderstand as well...

    But just so you know I really like your idea for

    Have a great week
    Love, Jess

  7. Glad you answered this. All in God's timing and as He opens the doors.

  8. Hurry up Please!!!
    We all are patiently waiting...
    Mariah is excited that Grace will be close. She has already planned some play dates.
    Love ya

  9. Thank you for answering my question Brenda. I was curious due to the fact that my hubby and I would eventually like to move out of CA in the near future too. My parents live outside of Denver so Colorado is in the running for us also.

    We went to Colorado Springs in June and went to the Air Force Academy. I thought the grounds were absolutely gorgeous. It seems like a great city, not so big yet not small either. Keep us posted!

  10. What a beautiful picture! My son is going to be stationed there in about a month and I think we'll be trying to visit him there this summer.

  11. Thank God for will make it much easier for you! I text my son at college almost every day.

  12. Brenda. We'll pray for the Lord's timing for your move. My sweetie would LOVE to head north, east....somewhere away from the heated tundra of the Valley of the Sun. I was born in Denver, so Colorado has a special place in my heart. We'll pray and rejoice in the direction the Lord takes you. You'll be a blessing wherever you are, I just know it.-Kathy

  13. Making a move is hard, but your going back to Colorado sounds like a blessing. I lived in Ft. Collins about a year and absolutely loved it. Of course that was 55 years ago, right after I graduated from High School.

    Changing churches can be traumatic too but sometimes it's necessary. Certainly not everyone is called to be a pastor. My husband was one for almost 50 years and he loved it. A person certainly needs to feel like they are called by the Lord, and not by a charismatic leader of a church. My husband used to tell the story of the farmer that saw the letters GP in the sky. He assumed it meant "go preach." What it meant was "go plow."

    Hope everything goes well for you. Keep trusting in the Lord to lead you and he certainly will.



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