Thursday, March 12, 2009

Follow up on Brenda Asked

I wanted to give a follow-up on my previous You Asked post about our experience as pastors by letting you know the good that came out of it all.

Like I said before, we are closer now to the Lord than we ever have been.
We are closer now to our families. (Many regrets, but thankfully forgiven!)

We have great friends, some who have made it through with us and some who have chosen to still be our friends in spite of it all! This includes my best friend from the beginning.

We've learned that it's ok to ask questions when things coming over the pulpit just don't set right, after personal prayer and studying and when asked with a 'clean and pure heart' and not of one who enjoys stirring up trouble.

If the questions we have asked are not answered, but rather are received with an 'How dare you question the authority of headship' attitude, we've learned that it just might be time to move on quietly and graciously. And when asked why, letting the Lord speak thru us so as to not cause strife and division in the church.

We've learned quite unfortunately that you'll quickly find out who your true friends are!

We've realized that our friendships are not determined by what church we go to. Like my good friend said to me, "I didn't become your friend just because I met you in church, I became your friend because of you". That speaks volumes to me.

Our oldest daughter has come out unscathed and has found her place of worship in the Body of Christ.

Neither of our daughters will ever have to go through what we did.

I'm so grateful to all of you I've met in Blogland who, though you may not even know it, have helped me through a tough year of healing and forgiveness. You've helped me define and realize all over again who exactly I am in Christ. I've realized the Body of Christ (those who profess that Jesus Christ is Lord, and through His sacrifice for our sins on the cross salvation is freely given) is beautiful and marvelous--WE are the Body of Christ. You've extended friendship to me 'sight unseen' at a time when I needed friends the most.

I'm not opening this one up for comments, just wanted you all to know that...

It's All Good!