Friday, June 12, 2009

SO! Moment Batty Edition

Courtesy AOL Pics

Myrtle, borrowed from Reva's blog.

Reva has gone to the airport to pick up her SIL, Sam.
Rick has gone to bed.
Myrtle is with Rick.
Sunny has gone to bed.
Grace is in her bedroom watching a DVD.


It is 9:30ish in the evening.

Chels and I are in the bathroom helping each other dye our hair. We are wearing our ratty T's. Mine is a bright orange, over-sized T-shirt with long dark streaks down it from previous dye jobs (I'd probably blend right in with the jailbirds picking up trash along the highways in their jumpsuits!)

We have just got our hair plopped in a glob on top of our heads and now have to wait the 25-35 minutes for the dye to do it's thing.

Just as Chels opens the bathroom door...

A THING flies past us and into Grace's room.

We both look at each other with eyes wide as saucers and before we can both say "OH NO, GRACE", Grace begins screaming hysterically. Now, I ask, who wouldn't scream hysterically while a BAT, is circling around and around over your head in your bedroom?

Chels and I run to Grace's room. She is on the floor with her head buried in her hands screaming uncontrollably and as white as a sheet. I'm ashamed to say that we are PETRIFIED and stand FROZEN at her door yelling at her to come out (about 6 feet away). Neither Chels nor I could even go in there. I'm telling you, this is beyond wetting-your-britches scary to us. By this time Sunny is awake and saves the day by rescueing Grace. She is literally clinging to him.

But, we still have a bat to take care of, and you wouldn't be able to pry Grace off her Daddy even if the Jaws of Life were employed, so it's up to Chels and I. We shut the door and come up with a plan.

And the fun begins!

Because a screen needs replacing in her bedroom, which was probably where the bat flew in in the first place, we decide that if we go outside and open the window it will eventually fly out. A good common sense plan, right? Grace's bedroom window is under the back deck. We go out, I sneak up to the window, open it GET THE HECK OUTA THERE!

I'm all for just leaving the window open all night, but Chels says she's going to stand there--well, kinda faraway 'there'--and wait 'til the BAT flies out the window.

And now enters Myrtle, Reva's Ye Olde English Bully Dogge.

Rick and Myrtle have come out to see what the commotion is all about. I'm coming in the back door. Myrtle goes into protect-her-family mode--barking, growling the whole works. I'm calling her, sweet-talking her BUT all she's seeing is a crazy lady in a bright orange and black-streaked shirt with her hair piled crazily on top of her head intruding on her family. She won't let me in the door, then runs past me to where Chels is and does the "you take one more step and you're dead meat" attack stance. While she's concentrating on Chels, I get back in the house. I go to the front door, divert Myrtle so Chels can come in the back door, which she does and immediately climbs onto the bar stools and begins throwing treats at her. So now Myrtle is between us. I try and tell Chels to go back out and thru the garage, but she can't hear because of all the barking, so I go out the front door, through the dark garage and get Chels. We are now both 'safe'--and, thanks to Myrtle, now STUCK on the front porch.


We open the front door and make a run for the basement and into the bathroom JUST in time to rinse our our hair. Talk about timing, Sheesh!

Myrtle continues barking. We are thinking she's still barking at us. Come to find out later she was barking at another bat (or the same one) up in the living room.

Reva comes home with her SIL, Sam. I tell her about it and...

Everyone goes to bed.

Sam goes in the guest room. Just when she walks in the door a bat comes up from the back of the bookshelf and flops onto the top shelf. Sam quietly closes the door and goes and sleeps on the couch. Smart girl.

The next morning Rick catches the bat and all is well.

It's All A Bat and a Bully Dogge Good!


  1. Oh my! That is too much excitement for me! It would happen when you are dying your hair too. :)

  2. That is SCARY and kinda funny too! I would have been shrieking louder than all of you! ;)

  3. Please make absolutly sure that bat didn't bite her. Check her good.

    We had a tragedy here where a young boy had his window open at night and was bitten, but didn't do anything about it. Well he's not here to tell the story anymore.
    It's very sad.

    Myrtle is cute!


  4. Just got home from a trip and trying to catch up with my favorites to find this!!!! What an exciting life you live. Just glad all is well.

  5. This was absolutely hilarious to read, though I'm sure it wasn't when it was happening. Bats are some of the scariest/creepiest things around.

  6. Mari - I think I even had a minute to spare on my hair, but it sure felt like a lifetime!

    Mer - Definitely funny after the fact and now that the britches are dry!

    Joy - I appreciate your concern. Thanks. Grace was on the floor watching her dvd and the bat was literally blindly flying around and around the up at the ceiling, so I'm most certain she didn't get bit.

    Susan - Welcome home! Thankfully these types of "excitement" are few and far between!

    Barbara - To say the least!

  7. Good grief! Isn't that going a bit far just for blog fodder? lol! Nobody can accuse you of having a dull life, that's for sure. ;o)

    Happy Colorado weekend!

    Love and hugs,


  8. Batty personalities bring out the rest of the bats, eh?
    Would have loved to had that all on video. You would have won the jackpot on Americas Funniest Videos!!!
    Love ya

  9. Man I almost wet my pants reading this...I was laughing uncontrollably!

    Too funny.,..never a dull moment!

    Love it...have a great week

  10. The happiest part of this is that you got the dye out of your hair in time. This could have been a whole 'nother post.

    Bats scare me too!!

  11. Oh My Goodness! I shouldn't have read that right before bed. Now you know how to have an adventure!

  12. OH MY BRENDA(:)
    Sounds scary at your place..LOL
    My sister had some get into her bedroom once and she didn't like it ~!!

  13. Brenda,
    I can't tell you how I laughed reading this!! :-) I would have absolutely FREAKED out if it had happened to me, but reading your reenactment made me laugh out loud!!

    Sounds like you're settling in nicely! Take good care.

  14. I had to laugh to sis, even though it was my bully dogge that was bullying you and Chels around. Remember this at Haloween, ok?

  15. I think I would have been in a total panic- apparently they fly around in the garden here on summer nights (tiny ones) but I can't say I fancy the look of them. I enjoyed reading your blog

  16. You are a master story teller- I loved it and glad it all turned out. I'm so glad you are with your sister- Reva is on my always prayer list...Thqnks for the fun story!
    Be blessed!


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