Sunday, February 28, 2010

Unhonesty, Dismodesty?

Sometimes it's not in knowing how to say the word but in learning the lesson.

A Lesson in Modesty

My daughter Grace, who is eight, wasn't...
How do I say this?...feeling good 'down yonder'?
and was embarassed to come and tell me. She did tell me, however, and everything turned out ok. I used this as an opportunity to explain to her about modesty and commended her for it, yet still wanted her to realize that it was important to come to me with 'those' kind of problems no matter how 'embarassing'.

Fast forward to late afternoon.

A Lesson in Honesty

I had told her that she couldn't watch a movie after doing her schoolwork until her room was cleaned up. But then our day was sidetracked by some unexpected errands we had to attend to and schoolwork got shelved (yes, pun intended!). We didn't get home until later in the afternoon. Of course, I forgot about her needing to clean her room. She then comes in after getting ready to pop in a DVD and says, "Mom, didn't you say I had to clean my room before I could watch a movie?" I said she was right and thanked her for her honesty. She knew I had forgotten, and she could just say she had forgotten but chose to be honest about it.

Fast forward to bedtime (btw, earlier during our errands, she got some pretty, new undies).
I'm in the bathroom getting ready for bed when Grace comes in and says, "I'm not trying to be unhonest, but look", and proceeds to lift up her nightie just high enough for me to see her pretty new undies! (I'm thinking, what does honesty have to do with her new panties? Oh, I get it!)
Unhonesty, Dismodesty, who cares? Lessons learned? Priceless! (I guess we did school after all.)

It's All She Got It Good!


  1. Good for her! She got both lessons down well!

  2. What a sweet story. It's neat that she got both lessons -- she can figure out the prefixes later. :-)

  3. You are teaching, and she is learning ALL the time, Brenda. Such a sweetie.

    By the way I love your new look and header.

  4. Sweet! She sounds like a wonderful little girl! Happy Monday!

  5. Sweet.
    Seems she is also displaying the good relationship between you.

  6. I love the honsety bit, Mariah does that type of thing too. I much credit the homeschooling and living with parents who make sure kids grow up with "honsety" as an important part of life.

    I can just hear Grace saying that too.
    Give her a kiss for me!
    Love you guys

  7. How wonderful! I really think when we homeschool our children, we are able to convey these lessons so much easier. Her honesty is a total reflection on you! She sounds like a very sweet little girl!

    Thank you for your sweet comment in my guest book on my website! It's meant a lot to me!!

    God bless you - Julie

  8. Oh, Brenda, this so warmed my heart! You know, we had an incident similar to the one with the "down under" problem and it was about that same age. Oh, how I pray that she will always have the heart that she has now, in the areas of honesty and modesty, and all others that are so important in God's eyes for young ladies. Loved this post, Brenda.

  9. Brenda,
    Grace has been so much fun to have around and has displayed or mirrored your teachings in every way. Even with all of uncle Ricks teasing and mine too, she is still that pure little girl you have raised so far.
    I must say that she is definitely opening up and getting good at her own teasing and jokes on us. She deserves more hugs around here from me for sure.

  10. How precious are these times with our daughters? I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I enjoyed your post...brought back some good memories for me...gotta love all these teachable moments!

    Joyce Marie


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