Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Say You?

Howdy everyone!

We had a great day today watching the Saints beat the Colts, hanging out with Reva, Rick and Mike and Lexi (Rick's son and girlfriend), watching the Saints beat the Colts, eating nachos, wings and a plethora of other delectable yumminess and watching the Saints beat the Colts.

I'm a Denver Bronco and Arizona Cardinal fan myself. But since neither of them made it to the Super Bowl, I had to pick which team to root for. And since the Saints were the underdogs that's who I chose. I like games that keep me on the edge of my seat with a loud SCREAM thrown in now and then. And I.can.SCREAM! (Just ask Chels, my oldest daughter. She's still recovering from the screams I let out last year when the Cardinals played in the Super Bowl.)

Now to the topic of this post. I wanted to just throw out some random questions for you all to answer in your comments if you'd like to. Anyone up for that? Ok, here goes.

1. What is your all-time, absolutely favorite color?
Mine has always been yellow. I don't decorate with it or anything. I do look good in yellow. It's just a fun, sunshiny color that brightens my day.

2. Do you like to go thrifting? You know...yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets?
Big fat YES for me! And now that we are in Colo. Spgs. the opportunities are endless. Lovin' it!

3. If so, what is the one thing that you enjoy looking for when you're thrifting? Something you collect? or clothes? things you can turn from trash to treasure?
I enjoy finding something I can transform. There's nothing that a can of spray paint can't fix, I say. I've also been collecting the American Girl books for Grace. Sometimes I find one or two and sometimes not. But yesterday I SCORED! There on top of the children's bookshelves was a stack of 10 that she didn't have. Plus they were half off. $60 value for $7.50!

4. Who were you rooting for in the Super Bowl?

5. Milk Chocolate? Dark Chocolate? White Chocolate? or all of the above?
Dark for me. And I'm out. :(

And on that sad note...Happy week to ya!


It's All I Need Chocolate Good!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time watching the game and munching.
    Hope everyone's hearing is recovered by tomorrow.

    love ya

  2. My favorite color is much so that I painted my whole house yellow. lol.

    I go thrifting for romance novels, dinnerware and clothing.

    As always, I root for the lions.
    Are they ever in the superbowl, no. But I don't allow reality to dictate who I root for. lol.

    I love white chocolate, especially the white chocolate truffles.

  3. Ok, let me give it a whirl...

    My all time favorite color is pink, and although I say that, I sure do have alot of blue in my house!

    I have come to love thrifting after being a thrifting snob most of my life! Now I love it! I love looking for dishes, books, picture frames, and unusual holiday items that you normally don't see around at the stores.

    I love dark chocolate best but I've given up sweets these days. Thanks menopause for the extra 10 pounds!

    You asked a question about the super bowl. Didn't watch but a few minutes of it.

    Did I answer them all?

    So there are alot of places to thrift in Colorado Springs? When we move to CO you'll have to take me to some! That would be so much fun!

  4. Okey here goes!

    My favorite color is, and always has been, blue.

    I don't go thrifting much but when I do I enjoy it. My husband does not like it. That's why it's a rare treat for me.

    When I do thrift I look for dishes or angels (which I collect) or something I know someone else likes to collect and get it for them.

    Milk chocolate or white.

    I'm not a sports fan. Didn't even watch the Super Bowl, although my husband did and thought it was good. I read a book, while sitting with him :o)

    Our daughter Jacque sounds like she'd fit right in with you Brenda, watching a game. She loves to scream and gets very excited.

    Have a great day!

  5. 1. What is your all-time, absolutely favorite color?

    Robin's egg blue followed by red. And the two colors look nice together!

    2. Do you like to go thrifting?
    Oh my stars, YES! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! There is a sense of... conquering? A successful hunt? Imagination? Anyway, a thrifty find makes me feel GREAT!

    3. If so, what is the one thing that you enjoy looking for when you're thrifting?
    I love vintage items. I like things that I can use in a crafty way or that I can repurpose. As long as the item can be washed in hot water, I don't mind purchasing clothes. The fun thing about thrifting is that you don't ever know what you are going to find!

    4. Who were you rooting for in the Super Bowl? SAINTS!! Who Dat!

    5. Milk Chocolate? Dark Chocolate? White Chocolate? Milk chocolate and white chocolate. YUM!

    Fun! Love ya Brenda!

  6. 1. The last while I mostly wore blue, when I realised it I asked myself why. Because I like most all the colours. When I could not get to an answer I asked myself could I wear this or that colour. Now I do have some other colours too. Decorate mostly bright colours.

    2. There are very few of that type of thing here. The one two shops that could fall into your category has very old and basically useless stuff.

    3. Books. If I find those it is nice. I once found wool, as it came from the factory 24 balls I think. That was a pleasure.

    4. No one. The super bowl here refers to something that I won't classify as sport.

    5.Most chocolate, real choc not those that say it is healthy or allergy free those I dislike, but is better for my body.

    Hope you past a sale so your cupboards are full at a low price :)

  7. This is fun. Here's my answers:
    1) My favorite color is green
    2) I never have much luck when thrifting so don't do it much.
    3) I like to look for things for the house or decorative items.
    4) We didn't even watch it!
    5) Dark chocolate all the way!

  8. My favorite color of all! I love the different shades of green...the bright leafy shades to the more muted tones. I think it is such a refreshing and peaceful color. I don't have a lot of green in my house though. I have learned that if I change everything in my house to my favorite color I get tired of it. I just choose it to do little pops of color here and there.

    I like to look for pretty dishes and tea cups at thrift shops, although I haven't been to one in a while now.

    You did get a wonderful deal on those books!

    I am not a big football fan unless it is our home team...but I don't think the Browns will ever be in the Superbowl...:)

    I love dark's my favorite...but I won't turn down milk chocolate...which makes me think of my favorite milk chocolate dipped strawberries.

    Have a lovely day!

  9. 1. Pink, though slate blue and sage green are favorites, too, and I like them used with each other as well.

    2. Not often. We do have a thrift store nearby but I don't think to stop in often. I can never find clothes for myself thrifting, I used to shop that way when the boys were little til it got to the point where all used boys' clothes had the knees out. Then as they got older they got more particular. I do like to find decorative things thrifting -- one of my favorite vases was found that way -- but I don't really need anything decorative.

    3. Oops, answered that above.

    4. Nobody. We didn't watch. No football fans here.

    5. Semi-sweet is my favorite though I like milk chocolate as well. Don't care for dark or white at all.

  10. Sounds like you really had a fun day.
    1. It is always a pleasure to meet someone else whose favorite color is yellow. Same here.
    2. I used to go to yard sales often
    3. and usually looked for craft items, but I haven't been in ages.
    4. I was rooting for the Saints because two of my blogging friends are HUGE Saints fans and they rooted for the Phillies in the World Series because of me. Actually I'm a NY Giants fan in pro football.
    5. I go crazy over white chocolate, but also really like the milk choc. Not too fond of he dark.

  11. Interesting that you didn't know about the big V-day doings in Loveland! Glad I could be your teacher today.

    Yellow used to be my fave - wore it all the time. Now it's blue, as you can tell by my house!

    I did yard sales every Saturday when the kids were little - not much any more. In fact, almost never. I have discovered ARC recently, though, next to the gym and half price on Saturdays. Never for myself, though - never anything good in my size - or maybe it's my lack of patience.

    I don't really root for or watch football - makes me nervous - especially those Broncos! But I was sticking up for the underdog.

    Love all good chocolate - dark is my new favorite. But none right now - on a sugar free, flour free program at the moment. We'll see if I ever get to have chocolate again :0(

  12. I cheered for the Saints too. My best friend is a DIE hard Colts fan, but my mom's side of my fam is from Louisiana and my sister told me I COULD NOT cheer for the Colts. LOL. I was glad they won.

    What are your favorite thrift stores in Co Springs. I don't have much luck at the Goodwill on the north end of town. There are a couple of shops in my town but they're not great. I'll take any insider tips you want to offer!

    Oh, and do you know about ?
    GREAT website!

  13. Hey Brenda, of course you know who I was pulling for ha ha!

    My favorite color is a light sage green.

    My husband and I go thrifting all the time. We enjoy it even when we don't buy anything. Its just fun to look and plunder.

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  14. LOVED that the Saints won!!!Happy Mondays to all!

  15. Hi Brenda,
    I hope you don't mind, I followed you from Joyce and Debbie's blog.

    Nice post. I like to find a good bargain. We have a nice Thrift Store in town.
    I collect tea cups and tea related things. Actually, I have so many things and no more room, that I started telling all of my friends "no more tea things for me LOL ;)

    I take it you are in Colorado from your previous post. I used to live in Colorado. Colorado holds a very special place in my heart.
    Blessings to you,

  16. Thank you for all of your encouragement. Yes, what a blessing to watch our children grow and mature into the person God wants them to be.

    Wishing you a beautiful day!
    Joyce Marie

  17. 1. purple!
    2. love thrifting! Especially loved it when I had a bigger house. :-)
    3. things to transform or things that are cool as is: an old frame, an old watch. I love old furniture! and I ALWAYS search for books!
    4. The Saints. Only because one of my close friends is from that area and she said they really needed the win for their morale.
    5. Milk chocolate


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