Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Mail

Look what I got in the mail! My friend, Linda (LindanJake) thought of me when she saw this. How cool is that?

The neat thing is that this little token of love couldn't have come on a better day. Sunny and I were having one of those days that you wish would just hurry up and end (which are few and far between thankfully). Then I get the mail and find this 'reminder' that It's (still) All Good!

Linda has a neat blog about life happenings. She has a fun "It's Friday and I'm Nosy" post she does every week. I'm sure Linda would love meeting new blogging friends.

It's All Thank You Linda Good!


  1. How wonderful! And it is ALL good because HE'S all good! We love you, and we'll pray for grace for any days you might wonder if it really is! : )

  2. Nice!
    It's fun to get surprise mail!
    It's very "you"!

    Love you

  3. Neato! And the biggest blessing is knowing your friend thinks of you often. :o)

    Happy weekend, and hope tomorrow's a better day for you.

    Love and hugs,


  4. Hi Brenda,

    What a neat gift. What a special friend you have.
    Not too long ago I did a little study on the word "Good" from a Hebrew point of view. So every time I come here it reminds me of it.

  5. Ok, I hit the publish button too quickly, I don't believe I signed my name above, If I did, just discard this post. LOL

  6. I love Linda! She has a wonderful heart and she showed it again by thinking of you and sending this. It's just perfect for you!

  7. How wonderful! What a thoughtful friend!

    Looks like we're going to have a beautiful day here in Co Springs, huh? I hope to get OUTSIDE and enjoy it!

  8. How fun to get a little surprise -- and how sweet that your friend thought of you!

  9. How wonderful and special. God's timing is always perfect :o) Hope today is a great day!!!!

  10. How cool is that and just what you needed to get through your day!

    God does work in wonderful ways...and through special friends.

    Joyce Marie

  11. How fun! Isn't it great to have all these friends out there in cyber space??

  12. Brenda, that is such a perfect gift and how cool that it came RIGHT when you needed it. If I didn't know better, I would say an all mighty God had a hand in that :) I LOVE how He loves us through others!

    Love ya!

  13. You are in the "credits" (your prize for the time being until I can arrange for a better one) of my post "Number One Cherry Blossom Lane"

  14. I'm so glad the good mail came at the right time! That's the fun thing about good mail, you just never know when someone needs a little "thinking of you" to lift their spirits. Glad it worked!

    Hope all is well! Have a great week!

  15. That was so nice of her! Very neat!Sometimes the mail can really brighten up a day.

  16. I'll have to go see Linda. That was so sweet of her to think of you.
    ♥ Joy


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