Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life in the peaceful lane

Life around here has been good these past few months. Just calm, normal everyday routine. Some might call this kind of life boring. I call it peace. All is well.

I put my altered clipboards in my first ever craft fair (our town has an annual Christmas craft fair the last weekend of Oct). I didn't do too hot (I think my stuff was too funky) but it was definitely fun. And on the bright side, I have good inventory for my online store. (speaking of which I have opened my Etsy store, but due to camera issues haven't been able to upload). My sister came down and helped me with the craft show. She had a pretty display of jewelry. We also enjoyed visiting with our aunt and cousins who came down and stayed for a couple of hours.

Then two days later Chelsie came home for a week! We picked her up in Denver. We headed over to one of our favorite spots, Chick-Fil-A for lunch. And conveniently in the same high-end mall was The American Girl store where Grace was beside herself with sheer joy.

And now this is where Redneck meets Class. The AG store has a revolving door. (Warning: never try and take a picture as you're going thru a revolving door.) As I was trying to capture the AG experience on digital, I decided to take a picture of Chels in the revolving-door section just ahead of me. With camera still in face I turned to enter the store, but my 'revolve' hadn't ended and I walked smack into the glass! Our little hicks-from-the-sticks family made our entrance by tripping into this elegant, first-class store. We managed to quickly regain our dignity just in time to quickly lose it again as we were exiting the same door, where my wonderful husband, who was behind me, pushed the door really hard which caused me to miss my 'exit'. Children.

We enjoyed a nice albeit too-fast week with Chelsie. But it is great knowing that our daughter is doing well and is safe, and that makes it so much easier to let go of her again. Our baby's all growed up! (for you, Chels).

Thanksgiving was spent with Sunny's mom. We went the easy route and ordered a turkey dinner from Safeway. So convenient. In fact, we decided to do it again for Christmas Eve only with the ham dinner instead.

Christmas shopping is done thanks to Cyber Monday. Tree & decorations are up and beautiful.

Life is calm. Life is peaceful. And thank God there are no revolving doors within miles of us.

It's All Life is Good Good!




  1. Calm is good!!! Enjoy it to the hilt one never know what is just around the corner sometimes.

    I think on the craft shows sometimes you have to develop a following: people will look for you next time if they like what they bought or have heard about the items from a friend, etc. Don't give up!!!

    You always make me laugh and I can just visualize the rotating door :o) !!!!

  2. Thanks for coming over for a visit! And I would give my eye teeth for a bit of boring! I'm glad things are going smoothly for you.

    And the revolving door story was a great mental picture for me - thanks for a good chuckle this morning!

  3. our sweet and calm was a burst wide by a jetted tub delay, a car sale[REAYY GIVE AWAY}, and a new school{voL.free work...}CROSSING GUARD job, WHICH WITH ALL THE SCHOOL THINGS 10 MILES AWAY FROM OUR HOME{GRANDS} has caused a melt down in my wife who still works full time as a teacher , elementary and wishes she had retired<><><>me a retired custodian since 2 years<><>><whew

  4. Smiling at the revolving door scenario! I've always been afraid of some snafu with those.

  5. They have a revolving door in the hospital at evans...if you push on it....it will freeze and an electronic voice says "please step away from the door'.
    I once accidentally set off the door three times in one trip...trapping people for over a minute.
    Glad you had a good visit with Chelsea. And Glad Grace got to go to a cool American Girl doll store.
    Have a merry Christmas.

  6. i had no idea whatsoever you and yours were so putzy,<><>the putz here

  7. and christine<><><>you too??????


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