Friday, January 14, 2011

Life happenings

  Does anyone remember this movie?  It was in 1968.  I was 7.  (I didn’t see it, but I remember my older siblings seeing it while me and my two younger brothers got to see the musical Song of the South.)  And now, here we are in 2011 ten years later.  We’d probably get a good laugh watching it now with all the technology that has far surpassed what the directors of this movie could ever have envisioned.


It reminds me of the movie The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock.  I don’t remember exactly how old I was, maybe 8 or 9, when we saw this movie one evening.  It scared the living bajeebies out of me.  Our bedrooms were upstairs and the staircase was very similar to the one at the end of this movie when you think it’s all over and then SWOOSH! here comes another stinkin’ bird (actually I think this picture is from the bottom of that staircase!).  I saw the movie many years later as an adult and it is so fake I laughed.  But to a kiddo, sheesh! 


So there you have my random thoughts for today.  Now on to other important topics!


We had a very nice, simple Christmas. The only thing that would've made it totally perfect is if Chels' were here, but I know that she enjoyed her day as well. And she opened up her presents from us while we were on the phone with her. (I had them mailed from Targetdotcom and asked her to get her roommates to wrap them for her.) As we're talking to her she gets to giggling. They had gotten too busy to wrap her presents, so as she's opening the box her roommate is crumpling a McDonald's bag in the background to make it sound like wrapping paper! Crazy girls!


We removed the carpet from our bedroom.  It was a hideous mottled orange shag from the 70’s.  It was disgusting.  Someone’s cat had access to the closet for doing its business and it stunk so bad.  The landlords gave us the OK to put in new carpet that we had access to, but we got so busy in the summer and fall that it just didn’t get done.  We decided to wait until warmer weather, but we just couldn’t stand it anymore.   We’ve never been a sickly family, but Grace was battling a continuous morning stuffy nose and itchy throat. Sunny was even having some trouble as well. I kid you not, the next day after removing this ungodly carpet, both of them felt 100% better. And the bonus is the original early 1900's hard wood floor underneath in excellent condition. WE.LOVE.IT!  (I do have pictures, but they’re uploaded on our laptop and I’m having trouble getting them transferred over to this computer.  I don’t know what it is about me and uploading pictures, but it drives me nuts and I get so frustrated.  Done ranting.)


On Dec. 28, we went to my sister Reva's house to dog-sit Myrtle for a week. She is such a fun-loving and easygoing dog. And so ugly she's cute! We love Myrtle! She did good until the last day when she got really mopey. I realized she was thinking they were never coming back and got depressed. Grace and I were out when they got home, so I didn't get to see her happiness at seeing them again.
I did manage to hit a few thrift stores with my aunt and cousin. We always have a fun time!
I scored a whole set of 12 cloth Christmas napkins along with several other everyday sets.


This past week we've gotten back in the saddle as far as homeschooling is concerned. My sister-in-love and niece from AZ are coming for 10 days at Spring Break, and since Grace had an extra week off at Christmas, we will be 'hitting the books' from now until then to stay caught up.

It’s been super cold here lately, but today it got up in the 50’s.  I was able to get out for a nice walk.  Definitely refreshing.


I’m writing this post using Windows Live Writer.  I just discovered it…I know I’m a little slow in the techie department!  I think I’m going to like it.

It’s All 2011 Good!




  1. I've heard others say they used windows livewriter for blog posting - - - I'm clueless about how that would even work!

    I remember The Birds and 1002 Space Odyssey.

  2. Have not seen either movie.

    Can't wait to see pictures of the new carpet!

  3. Nice "newsy" fun post. I love the part about the McD's bag!!! So cute and so real. Eager to see the pictures.

  4. I didn't like the 2001 Space Odyssey movie even the first time around. I do remember The Birds -- so creepy!

    Our oldest was able to be with us over Christmas and was even there an extra couple of days -- his first plane had a flat tire, meaning he'd miss his connection, and there were no flights the next day due to all the stranded travelers from weather. I was just so glad that happened on this end of the trip rather than having him stuck in an airport between here and there. But on my youngest's birthday my oldest was with us via Skype, so that was fun.

    In our old house our middle son's room had old bright red shag carpet. It didn't smell bad but things were constantly getting lost in it then would get banged around in the vacuum cleaner. It had beautiful hardwood floors underneath, too -- hard to imagine people covered it uop with that shag! Glad the sniffles and all got better with getting the old carpet out.

  5. Glad you had a nice Christmas. It's hard though when one is missing.
    What a bonus to find that hardwood floor!
    I never saw either of those movies. Someday I should!

  6. Ah yes The Birds(gave me nightmares) and a Sace Odyssey both good movies.

  7. I'm SO glad you got your carpet out of there! There really is nothing worse than cat urine and feces!! Bleah!! There's something almost toxic about it. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and things are going well. I'm so glad! Thanks for the update!

    God bless you - Julie

  8. So glad you got rid of that nasty carpet. It's amazing how our environment can affect our health. Glad its gone for everyone's sake.

    I started using Windows Live Writer last year and really enjoy it so much more than posting directly into blogger. You can arrange pictures easier it seems.

    ♥ Joy

  9. Weird story about the Birds - after watching that with my teen a few years ago, we were at the grocery store a few days later. We came out of the store and the parking lot was covered with black birds. Needless to say - we very quickly got in the car and locked the doors!

  10. No to either movie, but I know I would never have watched The Birds even if I were allowed to.

    So glad you got rid of the nasty carpet and that it had such an instantaneous advantage for your health!

    Word Writer - haven't heard of it - fill us in!

    Have a great week! More crazy Colorado weather coming right up.

  11. i want to get back into the space ship says bob to the computer><<><>"i don't think so BOB<>.,odessey space 2001><>poor bob did he ever get back inside in that movie??????

  12. Hi Brenda! Love your new blog template! Maybe you could give us a lesson on using the window live writer. I've not ever used this. Is it easy?

    I can still remember watching "Twilight Zone". I'm tramatized still from watching those episodes, so now, I watch nothing even remotley scarey.

    Happy you had a little warm spell! As you know I'm looking forward to Spring!

    Great catching up with all your news!

  13. Yep, remember both movies and the birds really was scary back then. One time I was sure "The Birds" had come back when I was at a park outside the Canon City Old Max Prison and the trees were LOADED with big black birds. I didn't even get out of the car or park near there.
    The space Odessey wasn't as scary because it seemed so unreal to me. I'd never been in space so it didn't affect me. I still do watch my computer's closely for any signs of life.:)


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