Monday, March 28, 2011

LIfe in the fast lane

Seriously, there are no fast lanes where I live.  I am a chick from the sticks--which would account for the lack of blogging activity.   I enjoy normalcy and routine--continued blogging about it would only serve as a sleep aid!  But here’s some not-so-routine things that have happened the past month.

Spring is here.   We live in a farming community.  It's wonderful seeing some fields greening up, farmers plowing their fields and seeing huge clods of overturned dirt.  The weather has finally turned, and I'm able to get out and walk.


During Spring break Sunny's sister and niece were at my MIL's for 10 days.  We haven't been able to see them for a couple of years.  Our niece is the same age as Grace.  They played and played and played.  They got along so well, until the 'Sorry' game was pulled out, then the real Grace and Cassidy came out and...ahem...the real Gramies!  (Whoever invented that game is my opinion!)  I've never experienced a vacation while staying at home before, which is what it was like while everyone was here.  But, alas, it had, to end sometime and now we've got back into our routine.

Chels was able to come for 5 days while they were here.  We appreciate all the time we can spend with her.  She is doing well and began management training for Safeway/Starbucks when she got back.  As hard as it is having her live so far away, I'm glad that she is doing good and is stable in her job especially with this economy.  I love that girl!


Sunny and I celebrated our 30th anniversary March 22.  30 years!  I can honestly say it's been a fun ride, and I love him more today than I ever have.  He's a wonderful husband and the girls have an awesome relationship with him.

We have started our own plumbing/heating business.  Word is getting out that Sunny's back in business and he is beginning to pick up some jobs.  Not quitting his 'day' job by any means, but who knows?...when the time is right for sure.

We celebrated my mom's 75th birthday at Reva's.  Five of our seven siblings were able to be there.  Altogether, there were 30 or so.  It was nice getting to finally see my brother, Jack, who moved back to CO in December.  He and his wife moved to NY just a couple months before we moved back to CO.  (I took it personal, but now that he's back I can stop my therapy!!)

It's All now back to routine Good!




  1. It's good to see an update on your life - the company sounds fun, and the spring weather sounds good - we've had sparse nice days so far.

    Where does your older daughter live? Just curious.

    Happy Birthday to your mom!

  2. I think living in the sticks is a good thing too - I love the country!
    Glad you've been able to enjoy time with family and get in a birthday celebration for your mom as well!
    Happy Anniversary to you and Sunny. We will celebrate our 30th in August. :)

  3. Brenda, I love your blog posts about everyday life! : ) Keep 'em coming.

    It sounds like you all had a wonderful time with family. I'm glad you got to see everyone, and just enjoy being together.

    Blessings and grace, beautiful Mom.

  4. Happy 30th Anniversary!

    I always hated when the kids wanted to play Sorry when they were small -- it almost always caused an argument when someone was sent back.

  5. Please do try the tomato soup cake and let me know what you think! It's really good.

    STale coffee in your roast? First I'd had to make coffee. What does the coffee do? Interesting! Did you read my post about the sauerkraut chocolate cake awhile back?

  6. Brenda, so sorry I didn't realize it was your 30th anniversary :( You should have mentioned it and we could have combined it with Mom's b/day! ha! :) Tell Sunny I said happy anniversary too. We'll have to celebrate soon, ok? luv ya, sis

  7. Very Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

    I had a bit of a double take with these pictures, as your husband's mustache is almost identical to a friend that lives just down the road from me. Does he ever say Yumping Yimminy? It's totally got that movie Swedish look. :D

  8. Brenda! Stopped by to say hello! Glad to get this glimpse into your life. Thirty years of marriage!! Quite an achievement! Blessings and more blessings are wished for all of you.


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