Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chia Garden at Sunset

Our tire garden has turned out really nice for not knowing what we were doing! I’ve tagged it our ‘Chia’ garden ‘cause it reminds me of those funny Chia pets they sell that grows grass for hair. Especially our zucchini plant.  We’ve gotten some yield and I’m hoping for a lot more so I can freeze some for zucchini bread this winter.
Our Anaheim chilis are doing really well. It’s so nice to pull them from the plant, rinse them, and pop them right on the grill to roast. I throw them in a baggie for about 30 minutes after roasting, run them under cold water and the skins come right off. Yum.  (You can also freeze them in their skins.  Again, running them under cold water, the skins come right off.)  The other night we grilled chicken. When it was almost done, I put a slice of monterey jack cheese and the roasted peppers. Delicious. I also roasted some zucchini and onions. We topped it off with our yummy dessert of sweet corn on the cob. Healthy, satisfying and homegrown. Can’t beat that!
We also planted green beans.  Funny things.  The first starts shot up and leafed out from the top.  They continued to grow but from the top down.  I decided to see what would happen but also planted a new batch.  These grew normal.  I’m not getting too good of a yield from either plant but might be able to pick enough for one good meal.
I’ve been continually picking the baby spinach.  I scramble eggs and add some spinach along with some diced onion and mushrooms.  Yummy!  Tonight I made homemade pizza with the fresh-picked spinach, onion and mushrooms.  I also tossed in my secret ingredient along with the mozzarella cheese—feta cheese.  It was delicious.
Aren’t they pretty? 
I was out on my walk this evening and the sunset was just brilliant.  I tried hurrying home for the camera, but missed the brightest part.  However, I thought this pic turned out really neat anyhow especially since it wasn’t supposed to be blurry or unsteady.  Just goes to show you that even a novice can put out some mean stuff, right?!
It’s All Garden Reaping Good!


  1. Looks very nice!! Our gardens (or I should say Mickey's as he does all the work) did not do well this year but it was because of the crazy weather we've had this year. COLD - COLD winter, colder than usual - RAIN - RAIN - & more RAIN - and cooler in the Spring and then HOT- HOT & HOTTER this summer. We have had 40 days over 100 so far this year. Yuck....I am hoping for a nice - LONG Indian Summer :o)

    Your menu's and grilling sound devine.

  2. What an interesting way to garden, I have never seen anything like that. I bet the rewards are wonderful!!!

  3. I just love your garden! I may have to try this sometime!

    Debra @ And It Came To Pass

  4. Your plants look great! Thanks for checking in on my blog today:)

  5. The garden looks great!
    Glad the tires are working for you too!!!

    Love ya all
    (Mariah sends Grace her love as well)


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