Friday, November 18, 2011

It’s That time of Year!

I love Thanksgiving! 

Judging by my Christmas header, you might think I’m skipping Thanksgiving altogether.  Nothing doing!  I just wanted to get a head start on wishing you all a wonderful CHRISTmas season.  Emphasis:  Christ! 

But back to Thanksgiving.  In this house Thanksgiving is not overshadowed by Christmas.  I enjoy having a day to express what I hope is in my heart continually—thankfulness. 

I am especially thankful that our daughter, Chelsie, is home to spend the day with us.  Our Thanksgiving gathering will include Sunny, myself, Grace, Chels and her boyfriend Brice, his mother Carol and my mother-in-law, Grace. 

Later in the afternoon we’ll probably head into Pueblo to see The Muppets.  {note to self:  buy tickets online}

Funny story:  Several year’s ago we went Thanksgiving morning and bought tickets for a party of 10 to see Bug’s Life.  We knew it was going to sell out.  After a delicious meal we headed over to the theater feeling so smug that we had purchased our tickets ahead of time.  We were all standing around in the lobby yakking.  All of the sudden we realized the movie was going to start in like 3 minutes.  We ran in and the place was absolutely packed.  We all had to sit scattered throughout the theater.  Guess where Sunny and I sat?  Yep. The very front row.  If you’ve never sat in the front row, don’t bother—or plan on making an appointment with your local chiropractor afterward. 

We have so much to be thankful for!  So much.

It’s All Psalm 92 Good!



  1. I'm so happy you'll all be together on Thanksgiving! That's a huge blessing.

  2. The muppets, neat. I didn't know it was playing!
    I'm glad Chelsie is home too!

  3. That made me laugh - there's a life lesson there!

    Have a great Thanksgiving - we'll have just 14 this year. My sis is going to visit a SIL in California. My son and his wife are far away in Maine. So we're mixing up the two sides of the family. I never do a spit and polish job on the house, since it'll just get dirty again.

    Christmas - I wish we could just love it, the music, the story, the reason, and forget about the shopping!! I'm in total denial.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, otherwise I would never have found your darling blog.
    I just wanted to let you know that I make the cammo hats with a bright orange trim instead of the black trim too in case you would like that.

  5. Hi - I saw over at Linds' place that you found her through my comments. I am glad you did - I've followed her for 5 years now, since shortly after the death of her husband. She's an amazing woman. Read back a ways.

  6. Here's hoping this year you get better seats :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Thanks for coming over to see my craft room on my blog! As a Christian, THanksgiving is such a great holiday because we realy have Someone to thank - and being thankful is, hopefully, a daily attitude. I hope your day is wonderful!


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