Saturday, March 3, 2012

20QTSThing Day 4

…20 Questions Til Spring Thing…

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It’s March!  I love the hope that this word brings to me!  And even though it has snowed on and off for the past 2 days, it has not dampened my spirits.  I just love Spring. 

Here’s Grace on a Spring day 4 years ago.  All that snow was still hanging on from the 3 ft. snowfall we had a month or so before.

grace poop 1  

My daughter could not wait to don her capris and flipflops and go play in the ooey-gooey mud.

grace poop 2

But does she make mud pies? mud cakes? anything pretend edible? 

Oh noooo...not my beautiful, all-things-girly, fru-fru daughter. What is the first thing she makes?
Mud TURDS! That's right.

grace poop 3

Then says "Look, Mom!". So I'm wondering how the dogs next door got over our fence to do THAT...until I hear her facetious giggle!

It’s All A Little Turd-Dirt Won’t Hurt Good!



  1. That is hilarious! Whose kid is that anyway? :)

  2. Show this one to her boyfriends when she is 18!!!!

  3. I came over here to tell you that you're not a dork (per your request on my budgeting post) and then I had to look at that! Ugggg!

    But seriously - you're not a dork! I'm a dork because I wanted to know every detail and I have too much fun doing these number things!

    Dave Ramsey calls us nerds:)

  4. Now, why would you say sweet little Grace made those gross turds! I don't believe it! ;}

    Looks like she had fun!!


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