Friday, April 13, 2012

The ‘Modern’ Woman

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Back in the day when ‘gay’ meant happy, ‘swell’ meant something other than what my body looks like after too much salt and thongs were worn on the feet, here are a few interesting and humorous tidbits that aided the 'modern' woman of the 50's.  These are from Sunny’s grandmother’s cookbook.

"Strike up a warm acquaintance with your oven and its special temperament".  {Wow! Get this woman some friends, will ya!}

"Time and your oven await the occasion and the man." {You’re late.  Supper’s in the oven}

"The machine beats time {play that funky music, babyeee} as well as batter while you supply the brain {the secret ingredient} that makes the cake."

Some other fun words of culinary wisdom:

"The Season's best-dressed fowl wears stuffing under the skin of the breast as well as in the body."  {Thus the first implant is born}

"Many women can manage almost any form of entertainment without the help of a maid. {insult}  "For most, however there are distinct limits to what should be attempted for pleasant and dignified results." {to injury}

Concerning hosting a dinner:

"As the guests leave the table for the living room, the hostess enters with the coffee. By the time all have lighted a fresh cigarette {and as the smoke alarm goes off} the coffee is being poured and the dining table has been forgotten."

And my favorite:
"The Broiler or Fryer [chicken] is more delectable when you break all the joints, clip off the neck and backbone and snap out the breastbone."

{But if you don't want to get your hands dirty just give Luigi or Guido a call. I'm sure they'd be happy to take care of it for you.  They live in Chicago, by the way}

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  1. Howdy! Dropping by from A-Z Challenge, interesting group of photos.


  2. Those are funny! Yes, things have changed!

  3. And notice how they're all wearing DRESSES to cook and clean!?


  4. Enjoyed reading these!!! Sure glad I live NOW!!!

  5. The cutlines are hilarious, but your additions had me literally laughing out loud. The "everyone lighting a fresh cigarette" comment had me so thankful for "no smoking" laws!

    Thanks for a good start to the day! I, too, am glad I live now!

    Love the 50s music, though!

  6. i can only say---i would have seemed worse in those years

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  8. And to think I spent all those years telling my four daughters that IF they WANT a man in their lives, make sure he can clean and cook too! LOL

  9. I remember watching a film at Disneyland a long time ago with regard to future conveniences. Crazy thing is, I didn't see any of the things we take for granted today. Wow, I am glad they were wrong.

  10. Funny! I'm so glad to live when I do.


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