Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The 2 who have captured my heart

Here they are.  The two bestest dogs in the whole best world!  (quoting what our daughter Chels used to say to us!)

Meet Myrtle (Olde English Bully Dogge)

Myrtle is not, as you can see, the most attractive dog.  Because she is very buxom, I like to call her Myrtle Doubtfire or Myrtle D. for short.  Remember that movie?  It’s hard to explain how a dog can express different emotions—happy, sad, playful—yet still have the same expression on her face.  It makes me want to hug her.


Then there’s Mabel, the typical little sister.  She’s an English Bull Dog.  We’ve learned we can’t reach down to pet her when we first come in, or she’ll whiz.  And then I will invariably step in it.  Which I did.  And that makes me cranky.  But other than that, she’s a fun dog.  I like to call her Chet after the reindeer-in-training on The Santa Clause 2.  Very excitable and always bouncing off the walls.  Here she is resting her jowls against the screen waiting for us to let her in.


This was how they both looked the day after Rick and Reva left.  Myrtle waits nearly every day at the top of the stairs around the time Rick comes home from work.


Ironically, they were both looking like this at the same time.


I love how Myrtle crosses her back legs.


New toy to share. 


Tug O’ war.


Mabel won…this time.  Myrtle picks her battles.



Myrtle looks a little evil here.  She knew I was trying to get her picture, and she would not look at me.


You can see the little sis doesn’t have that problem!


It’s All I Love You Two Good!

Auntie Brenda!


  1. They are so cute! I can see why you love them!

  2. After seeing this, I instantly miss my own dog. Thanks for sharing the photos. Don't our pets always bring a smile to our faces?

  3. We also have the "best dogs ever" in our family. How cool is that? :-)

    One of them is a bull dog - named Meathead. There is a Pug named Grimace and a French Bull Dog named Milo. And I take bunches of pictures and blog about them all the time. If your are curious, you can see them on my blog and pull them up under the "dogs" label.

    I mean, afterall, you want to see the other "best dogs ever" right?


    Have a great day.

  4. We do not have any dogs, but Marc & Aric have a Boston Terrier named Shasha that is a lovely sweet dog. I am not really a dog lover but I do think Shasha is special!!


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