Thursday, March 5, 2015

Beulah Land

One year ago today, March 5, our Mom stepped into eternity meeting her Savior face-to-face. All pain, all sorrow, all worries gone with that last beat of her heart. She left us here with the hope of seeing us all again someday.  

This year has been an emotional ups-and-downs year in regards to handling my grief. I've cried, I've remembered, I've allowed my heart to do what it has needed to do to heal.
My life has taken on a seriousness that wasn't there before witnessing her passing. It's hard to explain. I guess what I'm trying to say is that some events that happen can bring a maturity that may not have happened, or would've taken a lot longer to attain otherwise. You'd think I would have been all grown up by the age of 52!  I appreciate the Lord allowing me to grow and learn at my own pace.   

This sea of purple flowers was what met my Sis and I the last time we went to Mom's home after she died. But as beautiful as it was, this view was nothing compared to Mom's view.  Her address was Beulah, Colorado. Now her address is simply Beulah (the symbolic biblical name for the heavenly Zion)!

I miss my Mama.  She is a part of me forever.

It's All Good!



  1. I love that she lived in Beulah, and now lives in the best Beulah! My mom has been gone for 11 years now, and although it's easier, I still have days that I really miss her. It's really accentuated on those special days - like the wedding we just had. But knowing where she is is such a comfort! Praying for you today.

  2. Brenda, losing your mom is hard. Grief takes time and some days you are fine and other days the tears come over the smallest of memories. The beautiful thing is that you will meet again and yes, we grow during these times of experiencing death. It's hard, but I love realizing that we are stronger than we ever knew. God bless you and I pray the 2nd year will get a little bit easier.

  3. I understand. The first year after my mom passed away was the hardest, though I do still miss her intensely. That's so neat about her addresses in Beulah!

  4. Sad to hear of your loss, but the connection you feel in nature and Beulah is a beautiful way to remember.

    Just visiting to say hi from the A-Z Challenge crew.


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