Wednesday, June 24, 2015


At the beginning of March I asked my 'Staying on Task' FB friends to give me writing prompts for an upcoming blogging challenge I was going to participate in. I drafted several. Unfortunately, I was only two days into the 30-day challenge when my mother-in-law passed away. 

'Juggler' is the word prompt I received from my sister. And being a literal thinker, the first thing that comes to mind is an actual Juggler.

I would like to say that I am the type of juggler who always has a smile on her face while juggling her apples like this lady...

When in reality I'm more like this man who is juggling five hatchets {three of which are going for his head} Yeah, that's me. And that's my face.

Multi-tasking--juggling--is not my forte'.  But sometimes juggling life tasks is unavoidable. So the question is how do I replace juggling hatchets with apples?

First of all--and before getting butchered {PUT THE HATCHET DOWN AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT} I need to lay all my hatchets on the table. What are the things I'm juggling? I'm sticking with the five most important because after that the list is a mile long!

Hatchet 1.  Being a wife and mother
Hatchet 2.  Being a keeper of my home
Hatchet 3.  Being the administrator for our plumbing business
Hatchet 4.  Being on town council
Hatchet 5.  Being me

Now I'm going to switch out the hatchets for apples {for mine and everyone else's safety}.

Apple 1.  Being me
Apple 2.  Being a wife and mother
Apple 3.  Being a keeper of my home
Apple 4:  Being the administrator for our plumbing business
Apple 5:  Being on town council

Notice how I switched 'being me' from the last hatchet to the first apple?

If I can't take care of myself, my needs first, how can I expect to manage the others on the list effectively?

I'm not talking about becoming self-centered here. Taking care of myself first vs. becoming 'me' focused are two different things {apples to hatchets!} Taking care of myself first means I begin my day with acknowledging who I am in Christ, through prayer and devotions, and understanding that my dependence upon Him is a vital part of my life. My prayer is that I am more diligent in this area of my life.

All the others on the list will fall better into place if Apple #1 is handled wisely.

Does this mean that my life will become perfect and I'll never drop an apple?  Most definitely not!  But at least if I drop an apple my toes will remain intact!

It's All Apples to Hatchets Good!



  1. Very good! And VERY true.

  2. Great analogy Brenda! We forget to give ourselves the oxygen mask first, so that we can take care of everything else afterwards.


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