Sunday, August 30, 2015



This was supposed to be a great silhouette picture of Sunny and I. Unfortunately for my brother who was taking the pic, I turned to shout AFLAC! taking advantage of the echo before we exited from under the bridge. Haha! Sorry Jack!

Do you realize the first day of Autumn is in 24 days? I know for some, you want to smack me for reminding you. :) But for me, I am ready. Usually when August rolls around I begin having the betwixt and between feelings--not wanting summer to end but longing for fall. Not feeling it this year. 

This has been an odd summer for me. After Sunny's mom passed away last April and our dealing with probate and all that goes into finalizing her estate, I'm ready for it to be done. We'll be able to walk away knowing (as God is our witness, as well as the estate attorney) that we did our very best to honor her wishes. From allowing her to stay home--which was extremely hard on our family--to settling her estate, the bulk of it being over in September. 

God has taught me so much in the past two years of handling life and death issues. Things like love, sacrifice, truth, hate, greed, lies. Oh my. What an eye-opener when heart issues are exposed. 

Life is hard. But God is good, He is faithful, and He is Love!

It's All Almost Over Good!

{I don't know if you all have the Aflac! commercials in your area, but it's like the Geico gecko commercial only with a duck that shouts AFLAC! Corny, but funny.}


  1. I've been saying AFLAC in the duck voice every since I saw your title! Thanks a lot! :)

  2. I used to have mixed emotions about transitioning to fall, too - when our kids were in school, fall meant a return to a busier schedule. It doesn't affect us that way now, though. I am looking forward to cooler temperatures.

  3. I like the AFLAC ads too.
    I do want to smack you for bringing up Autumn, but it beats winter, right?

  4. SO FUNNY about AFLAC. Our pharmacist tripped today & crashed into the shelving and made a huge noise. The other pharmacist (very quiet lady) turned around from where she was working and yelled, "AFFF-LAC!" LOL :)


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