Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Paying it forward

Grace and I had the privilege of making a meal and taking it to our friend Rosalie who is recovering from a hip replacement surgery. This lady and her husband are such wonderful people whom I look up to and deeply respect. We walked in with a meal and walked out with a bag of fresh cantaloupe and tomatoes from their garden. We went in to be a blessing and came out blessed. That's Jim and Rosalie.

My mom wasn't from our little town of 1200 people, but after she passed away I was overwhelmed with the love this community showed me through cards, meals, hugs. Fast forward a year when Sunny's mom was dying, again the community of friends came around us with love and support. Because we were able to keep her home, we had frequent visitors wanting to say their goodbyes. Rosalie popped in one afternoon a week before she passed with homemade chicken and noodles, along with a couple of bags that contained Kleenex, toilet paper and a gift card for more groceries.

Kleenex and toilet paper. Two of the most necessary things, but two things that obviously were not first and foremost in our minds. I had actually realized that morning that we were down to a couple of rolls. I remember thinking, 'Really? This woman must be getting ready to go...she has never run out of toilet paper!' And then here came Rosalie who saved the day!

This was a huge lesson for me. I mean we've been in churches before and been on the list of people to call for meals when there is a new mommy, or a death, or just someone who is down and out. I enjoy being hospitable and know that it is the good, kind and Godly thing to do. But the outpouring of love that blurred the lines of denomination, age, color, you name it was amazing to me.

What are some creative ways you have blessed someone in situations like these?

It's All Good!



  1. God has so many hands that he uses to minister to us in our times of need. Right now as I go through chemotherapy He is sending so many people our way--with food, cute hats, dozens of cards, and encouraging messages on socks (yes, socks!), offers to drive me to appointments when Dick can't, short visits and lots of texts, and most of all with assurances of ongoing prayers. I have much to pay forward and many wonderful examples of how to do just that!

  2. What a great post! This is what being the hands and feet of Jesus really means!

  3. Some years ago when I had a virus hit my spine and couldn't walk on my own for several months, our church family ministered in various ways with meals, baby-sitting, cleaning my house, sending cards, etc. I so appreciated it all. But the one that touched me most was one lady who brought a puzzle over and spent some time working it with my kids. They had been taken hither and yon to various places to be watched while I was in the hospital and at multiple doctors offices afterward, and it was such a blessing to just sit and do something quiet for a while. God can minister to people in so many ways when we yield to Him and are walking closely enough with Him that He can direct us in the way we need to go.

  4. I love this! It's a blessing when someone ministers to you, but often even more of a blessing to do something for someone else!


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