Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Page from My Life 4 - Modesty

This is my favorite page in my art journal so far. It seemed to come together quickly. I like when my thoughts flow from my head through my hands without struggle.

It began with this old McCall's sewing pattern I had sitting on my desk for quite some time. Why it got me to thinking about modesty, I don't know.

Modesty. A word that is mocked in today's society. Is modesty a thing of the past? Not in this house. What we have to endure with our eyes outside our home only reinforces our desire to dress in a way that is holy and pleasing in God's eyes.
I appreciate my 14 year old being conscientious about what she wears. She is learning at a young age that someday she'll meet her prince who will be attracted to her because of her Godly beauty, not her boobs or booty.

(If you're interested in seeing previous pages, you can find them under the My Art Journal tab at the top of my blog.)

Items I used:

Antique sewing pattern and tissue.
Tan scrapbook paper.
Sticky letters.
A row of Green Stamps...anyone remember those? I remember helping my mom fill her green stamp books, as well as going to the store to redeem them. Good memories.
Floral embellishments that I brushed with brown ink to age them.
I should've added the scripture in John 17 where Jesus says, "I am not of this world". (Note to self.)
Rather than gluing the paper down, I taped it down with strips of medical tape.
Red embroidery ribbon.

It's All Good!



  1. Beautiful, Brenda! Love this!

  2. Today it is not only children, but some adults that have forgotten what modesty is all about. Oh how I wish for the 'good old days'. Lovely art work! Hope your have a nice Friday and weekend.

  3. I agree with you about modesty. Sure not much of it around anymore. Refreshing to know your daughter is learning modesty! Love your artwork and plan to visit your art page as soon as I publish this comment!! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Brenda this is too lovely!
    And I'm giving you a GOOD AMEN!
    I raised 2 daughters who were very modest and prayed that God would bring them Godly men who would see their inner beauty first and foremost... I have 2 very Godly, wonderful Sons-in-law. God IS GOOD... ALL THE TIME.

  5. I've been quietly reading your blog ... but had to comment on this one! LOVE IT! And Green Stamps ... oh, how I remember them!!! :)

  6. Love this page! We need to bring "classy" back!

  7. This is beautiful! Yes, I remember Green Stamps and the excitement of going to the store to redeem them. Such fun times.

    Blessings - Julie


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