Saturday, January 9, 2016

Gramies hugs


That's just crazy!

I hope you all had a very nice Christmas season, I know we did.

I love a calm, serene Christmas, don't you? I get so tired of all the craziness that happens around the holidays. It's nice to step back and reflect on what it's all about. The birth of our Savior. That's it.

Many of you know that my MIL, Gracie, passed away last April. She was a colorful woman. For many years my in-laws sold southwestern jewelry at trunk shows around Colorado. I'm not talking costume jewelry, but authentic southwestern jewelry hand-crafted by Native Americans. Gracie would buy or trade jewelry for her colorful Navajo-style skirts--it was like her trademark.

As we were going through her clothing to give away, the thought occurred to me that her skirts would make a couple of nice memory quilts for my girls. So, rather than donating them, I took a tub of her skirts to a quilting friend of mine. She had them finished a couple of days before Christmas, and they turned out fabulous!

It was an emotional Christmas for the girls especially, being the first without their Gramies. The quilts were perfect to help them through. Happy/sad tears were cried, but as you can see they love them.

I had to snap this pic of Grace buried in her Gramies quilt the next morning.

It's All Gramies Hugs Good!



  1. We had a really nice Christmas...with small grandchildren, it is really fun again. My 3 are all grown, married and parents. Love the quilts. What a wonderful way to keep the memory around.

  2. Beautiful memory quilts. What a fantastic idea!

  3. What a sweet memento of your mother-in-law!

  4. That is the best gift! I love it!


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