Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Frugal Daughter

My 6 year old daughter and I made our way to Goodwill today. I didn't find anything I couldn't live without or that would fit into my budget this week, but my daughter 'scored'. She found a ginormous stuffed white and pink floor puppy for $2.99 which she bought with her very own Tooth Fairy money. (Off topic here but... what is the going rate for losing a tooth anyway? Why, when I was a kid...ok, I'll save that for another post!) At any rate, I'm happy that she is learning how to be thrifty AND PROUD OF IT!
We have another Goodwill in town that is a weigh-&-pay store. I believe all clothing is $1.59 a lb. or less depending upon how many lbs. (the more lbs. the less per). I call it the Knock-off Goodwill if there is such a thing. The other, nicer GW sends their knock offs to this not-as-nice store. When I say not as nice I mean all clothing is just dumped out onto tables and everything else in bins around the perimeter of the room. You have to be patient rummaging thru stuff--and careful as there have been some broken glass items in the bins on occasion. However, I do like this store better and have found many items for my family as well as for resell.
My 20 year old daughter is not 'into' thrifting w/ me (where did I go wrong?!) but she sure does enjoy the nice stylish pieces I bring home to her!

It's All Good!

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