Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm DONE! Or Last Page in Once A Month Cooking Diary

I did it! I'm finished with my meals. It has been a busy three days but now we will reap the benefits! And tomorrow my kitchen is getting a good cleaning!

Today I cooked (everything doubled):
1. Chicken Tortilla Soup in Crockpot
2. Two pots of Chili (it wouldn't fit in the crockpot so had to switch with #1)
3. Chicken Parmesan cutlets--two to freeze and enough leftover for dinner with two couples on Friday night!

Final total in freezer: 31 meals!

Tip: I plan on cooking one meal a week that doesn't freeze well or that is super quick to throw together (and in the summer, of course, we'll grill alot). I will also have one leftover night. That stretches those 31 days approximately 8 or so more days. Make sense?!

It's All FROZEN Good!

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  1. Hi, Brenda, and thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, and for wishing my sisters a happy B-day.

    And, can I come over for dinner? ;o)

    Everything sounds delicious and I know you're glad to have all that food cooked and in the freezer. I do that occasionally, but not usually on that scale. I often cook extra to put in the freezer for later meals, though.

    Hope your Thursday is a good one.




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