Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 2 DONE! Once A Month Cooking Diary

Wow! It was an extremely busy day. I cooked this morning, took Grace to ballet in the afternoon, then grocery store for enchilada sauce--can you believe enchilada sauce wasn't on my list for Enchiladas? Duh. More cooking after dinner. But I'm happy that I got 16 meals in the freezer!
Here's what's in there (everything x2):

1. Green Chili
2. Meatloaf
3. Stuffed Peppers
4. Enchiladas
5. Lasagna
6. Enough Pinto beans for tostadas and...
7. for Chili
8. Cheesy Chicken Crescents

For a grand total of 25 meals! Almost done! My chili is all assembled and in crockpot ready to turn on in the morning. Then I have only--tatatatatata (drum roll please) two more recipes!

Tip: Line all baked dishes with tin foil. Then you can freeze right in the dish, lift out and make it more freezer-ready i.e. Food Saver or plastic wrap (while still in foil). Then when you're ready to bake just pop it back in casserole dish. Super easy clean up.

I'm one tired puppy!

It's All Deliciously Good!

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