Friday, February 15, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt Theme - Free

This is my free vintage, 10-pane, chippy-paint window (along with 2 more just like it and two 6-pane windows). This isn't necessarily exactly where I'll leave it, but it works for now.
Our good friend/landlord came over one day and asked my husband if I'd like these old windows. He didn't even hesitate but said You Bet She Would! I had been wanting some old windows for quite some time but just couldn't 'score' on any without paying an arm & leg for just one let alone 5. Needless to say I was absolutely thrilled. I have plans for them and will show them as I complete each project.


  1. Wow that is a neat find, I would love to find something like that.

    Greetings, I am Mama Bear of The Cafe at the End of the Universe Blog ( and I have stopped by today to let you know you have found your way onto the Magnificent Mamas of the Universe Blogroll, joining numerous moms from throughout the blogosphere. You were selected because I have popped into your blog numerous times and find you to be a great contribution to the mom blogosphere. Please feel free to take one of the 4 specialty tags from the sidebar to add to your site. Welcome.
    ~ Penelope Anne

  2. Yes, the windows have so many possibilities....I saw a display cabinet made of them....beautiful....

    Thanks for visiting with me and commenting on my tobacco stick plant stand....Betty

  3. I can't imagine what projects you have planned to do with old windows, but I'm glad you got them free.

    Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment.


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