Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Mary Anne Hegglestein!

My husband got me again!

His birthday is tomorrow. On the day before his birthday and every year since our first anniversary 27 years ago he has asked me, "Do you know what today is?... Mary Anne Hegglestein's birthday". The first year, I replied, "Mary Anne HeggleWHO?" And it's history from there. Gets me every year.

Mary Anne Hegglestein was a little girl whom he went to school with until 4th grade at which time her family moved away. Her birthday was the day before Sunny's and, of course, they celebrated at school together. They've never been in contact since.

The funny thing is that I truly forget about it until the morning of April 8th when Sunny asks this age-old question. I haven't even thought of putting it on the calendar. I guess I subconsciously want to keep it that way, just another fun and loving interaction between Sunny and I.

So, Happy Birthday Mary Anne Hegglestein! (I don't even know if I'm spelling your name right) Wherever you are, we hope you are alive and well, and wish you a day filled with the presence of God! And know that you are thought of every year!

If anyone would enjoy playing along by wishing Mary Anne Hegglestein a happy birthday on his blog, Kingdom Living Mysteries, I know Sunny would get a kick out of it!

Happy, happy day my blogging buddies!



  1. That is so funny to me. I think she would really be thrilled. I love the name Mary Anne Hegglestein. Everyone should have a classmate named that. Happy Birthday to you. And hubby tomorrow.

  2. Happy Birthday Mary Anne and Sunny.

    I will go right now to Sunny's blog to wish them both a good day.

  3. Wouldn't it be fun if Mary Anne was reading your blog? Stranger things have happened. Happy birthday to her and to hubs.

  4. My favorite childhood classmate was named Mala Vordenburg. She had long blonde braids which she word up, pinned to the sides of her head.
    I had to share that! Thought of it just as I clicked out.

  5. well now,a happy birthday shout out to Mary Anne,and a Big Bear hug to the Birthday guy!

  6. That's cute! It is amazing the things that we carry with us from childhood.

    My Dad has two birthdays. One is on his Birth Certificate and one is the actual date. If you wish him happy B'day on one day, He'll say it is the other and vice versa. I guess everybody has their fun little traditions!


  7. It would be so wonderful if Mary Anne read your blog, or someone who knows her, read your blog and contact was made after all these years!!!

  8. Hi Brenda,

    It's me again. I tagged you for a short meme. Come on over and check it out if you want to play along.


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