Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I've been tagged by Southerner to give 6 non-important quirks or facts about myself.

("No, I'm not weird, I'm quirky...quirky and weird are two very different things". What movie is that from? Answer will be at bottom of post. Ok, people would probably consider me quirky AND weird!)

Here goes:

1. If I haven't made my bed in the morning it absolutely HAS to be made before I get in bed that night. I can't stand getting into an unmade bed. Now, I'm not talking comforter and extra pillows and such, just sheets and blankets. Quirky or weird?

2. Cantaloupe shoots my gag reflex into high gear. You know how when you were a kid you didn't eat some fruits or veggies, but later on enjoyed them? Well, not so with cantaloupe. I don't mind the smell. And I'll even serve it to the family (unlike liver which doesn't make it into the house). One day I decided to give it a try. I hadn't had a piece since I was a kid, so I thought maybe I'd outgrown the dislike for it. The funny thing was that it wasn't horribly bad when I popped a piece into my mouth. I started chewing and all of the sudden I started gagging and COULD NOT swallow it. Call me a drama queen, but I had to spit it out. That, so far is the only food I've experienced that affects me that way. Quirky or weird or a drama queen?

3. If my nail snags I immediately have to file it. I've even been known to get up after the lights are out at night to file a pesky, snagging fingernail. Weird or quirky or a nuisance?

4. Hand lotion is my best friend. Lotion bottles are parked at various spots in my house, because every time I wash my hands I have to have lotion. Quirky or weird or skin as soft as a baby's hiney?

5. My other best friend is chapstick. And no, I'm not going to compare my lips to a baby's hiney! Weird or quirky?

6. NO OFFENSE COFFEE-LOVERS! I can't stand the taste of coffee or anything remotely tasting like coffee. But I love the smell. Weird or quirky or will you still be my friend even if I don't like coffee?!

Ok, I'm tagging anyone who wants to participate. If you've already done this one, could you send me a link? I would love to read them.

Oh...the answer to the quote is Runaway Bride.

It's All QUIRKY OR WEIRD good!


  1. I had to go back and check your age. Yes, you're old enough to drink coffee. I felt the same way you did about coffee until I hit 40 and then I started drinking it and have loved it ever since. My son told me at the time that I started liking coffee then because I was old enough. Still don't want anything in it. I tried it first with sugar - blah it was terrible. Never tried it with milk/cream. That never did sound good to me.
    I haven't done this meme before. I might consider doing it. Maybe the aforementioned thing could qualify as "quirky"??
    Glad you're back.

  2. I also love the smell of coffee and keep thinking that it smells so good it must taste good now... still tastes like a cigarette butt to me.

    I hate the thought of having a snag and it catching on clothing.

    I drive my hubbie crazy b/c he is OCC about the bed linens. I can sleep on it if they are not even tucked in. He was out of town this week so it came off the mattress on my side and I just moved over closer to his side. I HATE to put sheets back on the bed.

  3. I enjoyed learning more about you, Brenda, from your posting of today.

  4. What a funny list of quirky things. I will have to really think on this one. So funny and clever. I might take you on with the challenge. Thanks.

  5. I've done a post on "7 random/weird things about me," and though some might say wierd and quirky are different, I wouldn't be able to distinguish between the two (and I AM probably both). Here's that post.

    The only part that gets "made" on my bed is the comforter and pillows (though now I only have two on there). The sheet just gets smoothed enough so you can't tell that it's not made underneath. I'm all about appearances and shortcuts, apparently.

    I've the same deal with chapstick, though I use Lipsmakers as regular chapstick isn't thick enough for me. I went through the last one that is parked by my desk at home in less than 3 months, and I have others all over: in my purse, in my desk at work, in my school bag, in each jacket...

    I am SO with you on the coffee thing. No coffee, no coffee flavored desserts (not even a little). I've had friends have me taste things saying "It doesn't taste like coffee at all" and that's ALL I taste. NASTY. I also don't particularly enjoy the smell of brewed coffee, but I do enjoy the smell of fresh ground coffee beans.


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