Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So, our daughter, Chels, answered the phone one evening only to be on the receiving end of a simpleton...errr....non-foreign telemarketer. Now, if you're a telemarketer, by golly God bless your soul. You have a hard job, and my heart goes out to you. I'm not saying that all telemarketers are simpletons, but this particular one--ok, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt--maybe it was the end of his shift, maybe he was just mindlessly reading his script.  Who knows?

The call went something like this:
(Now, remember, this is my daughter. Sounds like a girl, acts like a girl, IS a girl!)
Telefella: How many people are in the house who are over 18?
Chels: Three
Telefella: How many are male?
Chels: One
{can you guess the next question?}
Telefella: How many are female?!
Chels: uh...do the math, buddy!
Telefella: Is the male of the house the oldest?
Chels: Yes
{and now for the kicker...}
Telefella: Am I speaking with the MALE of the house?
Chels: C'MON, Do you really expect me to answer that question? Hello...! Seriously!

It's All SO...Good!



  1. My favorite thing to do is sing all of my answers to them in a very strange voice. They really end up cracking up and so do I. I play with them all the time so that my blood pressure doesn't rise.

    So cute of your daughter. Loved it.

  2. OMG we get calls from tellafellas every other day it seems like. When they ask if the man or the lady of the house is home I say "No"...they just say they'll call back. So annoying!!

  3. Nope, not lately. We're on the no call list and we don't get many calls anymore, praise the Lord!

    I know everybody needs to make a living, but I despise telemarketing calls.

    My faves are the furriners that can't even speak English plainly enough to make themselves understood, and then they can't understand YOU.

    Hope you're having a good week, Brenda. ;o)

    Love and hugs,


  4. I always tell them I'm right in the middle of something, please give me their phone number and I'll call them back in a few minutes. Their response usually ranges from silence, or stuttering about why they can't do that, etc.

    It always ends with me saying, "Sorry, gotta go." Then I hang up. Which was the goal all along!

  5. www.donotcall.gov

    Do it. It works very well

  6. I used to feel guilty when I hung up on them. Now I realize that if I am in a bad mood, they are the perfect emotional punching bag, so it is actually GOOD to hang up on them BEFORE I go off on them for ignoring the do not call list.

    Be blessed!


  7. Hi Brenda..
    Oh that was good --the Telemarketing peice..wowow ..they are so irritating when they call at meal time..well at anytime.. We don't give them the time of day..won't send any money to any charity over the phone ...we were burned.. gave to a Veterans charity for years and afew months ago our newspaper had a list of all the charities that only used about 10 percent for the charity..This was one of the lowest we were supporting~!!!
    Was very disappointing... Now we are very careful that what we donate to is legit..So glad you came by ..
    Hugs Patty

  8. Too funny. You know they read a scrip and cannot think so have to read the next question! Praise God I don't have to do their job.

  9. Well I will be completely honest and say that I am never that kind to those people....I mean how can they be that stupid?
    Anyway, hope you are having a great week!

  10. not only did I put my home phone on it i also put my cell phne on the list as well.

  11. Hi Brenda
    ..how do you put the little saying by the ''comment thing''..your own words ..Like 7 friends dropped by.. ANYWAY oh thanks am glad you like my hanging window it was fun ...
    NO tree..another idea ofcourse is to hang it from the ceiling from chains.. I have that inbetween my kitchen and diningroom..another idea I like is hook and eye /with chains two or three windows together an make a room divider..
    well yessery~!!! G -sales are so-oo fun hope you get to one soon.. they last from spring till November here..lots and lots of them.. hugs Patty

  12. Hi again Brenda(:) I posted my kitchen window just so you could see how I did it..incase you want to hang one of yours.. hugs Patty

  13. Hi Brenda(:) thanks for the posting help am gonna see if I can do it now..hugs Patty

  14. Hi Brenda,

    We just got called ID so I don't answer if I don't recognize the number. I was getting those calls and still am. Just don't answer now.

  15. Seriously...not too bright of a caller.


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