Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Diva Photo Shoot...

"OK, I've had enough...photo shoot OVER!"

I wish I would've had the presence of mind to take a pic of this furry 3 inch TARANTULA for my blog while it was still right outside climbing up our front door, but I was too busy TRYING NOT TO WET MY BRITCHES to even think about reaching for the camera. And, actually, it was my friend who came to the door and spotted it, as well as another one in our driveway! Yikes! *Shudder* So, this is the only pic I have. It was eye level with my 7 yr. old. I thank the Lord she didn't find it or she'd be sleeping with us for the next year.

It's All Good!


  1. The pics of Grace are great! :o)

    And I like the one of the tarantula too. I like almost any kind of critter, even the ones that most people find unpleasant.

    I guess the spider is appropriate for Halloween, though, LOL. ;o)

    Happy Halloween!

    Love and hugs,


  2. EWwwwww... I mean, Your daughter is oh-so-darling! But that spider, ewwww! My ex used to have trantulas (sp?) and snakes... I guess I should've taken that as a clue to his personality -lol! I was always terrified that they would get out and go in the babys room. Can you move? That would be the best solution, right?! =)

    Hope you have a lovely, spider-free weekend. Blessings... Polly

  3. furry 3 inch TARANTULA ugh ~!! well the Diva is sooooo cute~!!
    Brenda thanks on my sheepies(:) Hugs, Patty

  4. Cute cute picture of Miss Diva. Darling. The spider is very creepy indeed. Oh how it makes me shudder.

  5. Aww!

    Yikes to the tarantula, though! I've only seen one once in real life, and I was a kid with my parents so it wasn't all that scary. I don't know what I'd do now (and why do I all of the sudden feel things crawling on me??)!

  6. Love the pictures of Grace :o) I'm glad she didn't spot the spider and I'm glad I wasn't around!

  7. Have a safe and happy Halloween! (and tarantula free!!!)
    kari & kijsa

  8. She is adorable....she has the most beautiful eyes! The daughter that is....not the spider!!!!

  9. Brenda...if i had found that or seen it... well you would be receiving an invitation to my funeral! I really think i would have had a heartattack... yuck.. i was breathing hard and almost sweating looking at the photo!
    I think I would look into moving sooner... like today!

    P.S> The diva is divine! lol

  10. What great photos. She has such a pretty smile.

  11. She may be a Diva, but she's a GORGEOUS diva! Both your girls are beautiful. However, I can't say that same for that tarantula. ick! Gives me the heebie jeebies. :) Have a great weekend. O, I almost forgot - I read your sister's blog about her son, and I'm giving God the glory for the good reports. I'm praying for him, as well as the whole family.
    :) Brenda

  12. Tell Grace she's still a little starlett. Also, I haven't seen a good ole tiranchilla (sp?) in years. did you pick it up? Ha! :)

    hello sis

  13. Hi Brenda(:)
    Oh too funny I am glad you got your bearings(:) ya he was really cute in his monkey suit..thanks.. the monkey face didn't show in the pics ..his head would have to be tilted down to see it ~~
    well dear one, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.
    hugs, Patty

  14. My goodness. Now that's scary. Ohhh, I hate spiders, especially those kind.

  15. I love, love the pictures of Grace but I sure could have done without seeing the black, furry Tarantula...I'd have been the one freaking out for the next month!

  16. Such cute photos (your daughter I suppose?) and oh what a horrible looking spider! Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow.

  17. Beautiful girls. Both. But you have heard/seen that before. Here is something you haven't heard/seen, at least on this blog. I wish I could see a tarantula around here. I haven't seen one in several years. I think they are kind of beautiful. And I don't believe they are as dangerous as you believe they are. Once, many years ago we were sight seeing way down South/East of here and there was a mighty trantula crossing going on. We stopped the car and watched the migration. Hundreds of them crossing the road. Guess they thought they were chickens. LOL

  18. Adorable pics!!!! Of course, the tarantula isn't quite as adorable, but... lol. Many blessings!

  19. Love the photos of the kiddo.

    The spider? Not so much. ACK.

    The picture buried in the leaves was priceless.

  20. Wonderful pictures of Grace...so cute! That spider is huge!

  21. What a beautiful girl...and what a scary spider. Ugh...it would creep me out if I saw that anywhere *near* my house!


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