Monday, December 8, 2008

A Christmas SO! moment

I have these very special ornaments my mom gave me when I got married almost 28 years ago. I remember them being on our Christmas trees growing up. I don't know how many she had to start with, but when she gave them to me there were only three left. Nothing spectacularly fancy, just three fragile-looking, pastel-colored balls. Pink, blue and yellow. Lovingly passed down from mother to mom got new ornaments and gave me her old ones.

I have cherished these ornaments, carefully unwrapping them and gently placing them on the tree while recalling past Christmases as a child. Then at season's end carefully wrapping them back up in the tissue and putting them away, thankful they remained intact for us to enjoy one more year.

Never has one been dropped.

Until last Christmas.

SO, I'm carefully placing one on the tree when the unthinkable, the unimaginable happened...
It dropped right out of my hand.

Everything went into slow motion.

In a split second years of precious memories flooded my mind.
And a tear probably formed in my eye before it even hit the tile.
My precious, fragile, vintage ornament hit the tile and...

and bounced
and bounced

It was plastic.


It's All AND I LAUGHED Good!
And they'll still remain just as special to me!



  1. You stinker!!! I was almost crying over your lost. So glad they are plastic. Still as precious as ever because of the memories they hold.

    I gently unwrap 5 old candles, of various shaped Christmas things, Santa, snowman, etc. I probably paid 25 cents apiece for them 40+ years ago but they are precious to me. My daughter Jacque commented on them the other day how she always remembering us having them. I may have to take pictures and do that for Show & Tell this week. I haven't done Show & Tell in weeks with all the other goings on in our lives.

    I love your "precious" 3 ornaments!!!!

  2. I just love plastic! LOL!

  3. You certainly had me on that one...I was about ready to cry!

  4. Love it! The drama, the intensity, the build-up, then,...the Bounce?! That cracked me up! Enjoy those bouncing balls. lol
    :) Brenda

  5. I'm glad it was bouceable. (I don't think that's really a word). Like Susan, you had me going with that story.
    I love your first three ornaments.
    Christmas Hugs,

  6. Hi Brenda (:)
    love the ornies your mom gave you and I hope Reva is doing ok..
    thanks on the snowbabes
    "" their back sides"" (:)
    I am always amazed at the beautiful artwork someone has done on the vintage cards..
    hugs, Patty

  7. This was SO very well written! I was sucked in and ready to start looking on Ebay for a replacement ornament.

    And go with the first one - the part about them being lovingly passed on to you. No one would be the wiser :)

    Now go to bed Brenda. And I will too... after I finish this last page in my Dad's scrapbook and straighten my mess and load the dishwasher... Sheesh:)

    Later Tater!

  8. They are adorable...gotta love that durable plastic! :)

  9. Oh, what wonderful comedy! Haha!

  10. Okay, I have your answers up on my blog!


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