Sunday, December 7, 2008

My mind couldn't wrap itself around any 'heavy, deep or real' thoughts for Beautiful Monday, so I thought I'd just share the above picture, a simple joy.
This 'simple joy' was put down by the street for bulk pickup one day.
AND promptly brought back up from the street'.
It's a skinny thing that stands 5 ft. tall, has that cool faux...ok...fake bark and a sturdy metal stand. The only thing wrong with it was that the lights on it didn't work. After prettifying it with cute ornaments along with some vintage metal pipe cleaners twisted around a pencil, you would've never known it was on it's way to the dump. In addition to it being a simple joy, Grace and I had a wonderful time being together decorating it.
This is the time of year that we can get so caught up in busy-ness along with our normal day-to-day business, that it can flat wear us out.
But maybe, just for a moment, can you think of a 'simple joy' you have, or have experienced that could bring the simpleness of CHRISTmas back into perspective?

It's All SIMPLE JOY Good!


  1. Oh love the tossed out tree(:) so pretty .. glad you had a fun time.. I pray your mom gets well soon and thanks for the encouraging words..hugs, Patty

  2. Yes, last evening my teenaged granddaughter (14) and I just hung out together...went to the bakery and bought some cookies, shopped and look around in the stores...just her and myself...we hardly ever get to do it was a very simple treat and joy for me and her too!

  3. Lovely and beautified by lovely, beautiful people. Thank goodness Christ redeemed us from the dump and is decorating and creating beauty in us.

  4. We have been doing more simple and I am loving it. We decided to keep it lite and joyful by looking around to those in need. We have been given much and we to should give. That is how we are doing it. Sounds like a great time together Brenda.

  5. "Whew" LOL
    oh yes yes..too short(:)My baby dumplins(:)
    hugs, Patty..Love your Charlie Brown banner~~

  6. Hey...just catching up with you. Hope that Reva is doing better!

    Have a great week... and lots of love to you


  7. Good to hear some good news about Reva. Yay!

    I am so grateful for the close relationship I have with my sisters. Cecil and Sue live only 5 miles from me, and Donna and Ducky live less than 20 miles from me. I'm blessed that we're still so close now that we're in our 40's and 50's.

    Have a great week, Brenda! :o)

    Much love,


  8. I'm praying for your sister.
    Sometimes the simplest things can be the most cherished and enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.


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