Friday, December 26, 2008

Memorable Day After Christmas Story


Our first Christmas together was a memorable one. We lived in an older house with high ceilings. Sunny and his dad chopped down a huge tree for us. It was so tall the top of the tree even bent a little on the ceiling. Being our first Christmas, we didn't have a whole lot of ornaments--maybe three dozen or so--not a whole lot for such a big tree. But I managed to make it festive enough on our budget. I even did the popcorn/cranberry string garland--first and last time!

We went to his parents on Christmas Eve and spent the day at my parents on Christmas day. So we really didn't have time to relax and open our presents for each other until the day after Christmas.

So, there the two of us were, sitting on the couch. We had just opened our presents to each other and were sitting there talking when, right before our eyes, our huge Christmas tree fell right over! It was like it purposely waited for all the festivities of the season to end.

Amazingly, there was only one ornament that fell off the tree. (And thankfully it wasn't my beautiful, vintage ornament, or I wouldn't have had this story to tell!)

The next morning Sunny came into the bedroom laughing. Unbeknownest to us, when the tree fell it dropped one glass ornament in each of his work boots that were sitting side by side by the chair. He actually thought I'd planted them there as a joke.
I know it's after Christmas now, but do you have a funny Christmas 'calamity' to share? Maybe something fun that happened this year?
Maxine at Nanna's Reflections has a fun reminder for all of us. Gave me a chuckle anyway.



  1. How funny! No calamaties...but something I thought was funny. I put on some green velvet pants, the kind that had two large back pocketflaps. My 8 year old grandson, very quietly, eased up to me & asked "MeMaw, are you off your diet?" LOL!

    Guess I won't be wearing those pants again!

    Blessings & Happy New Year

  2. This was such a fun, wonderful read. I love REAL life....God makes it so exciting for us if we'll just open our eyes and ears and enjoy it all :o)

  3. What a funny story. Well sort of I guess. At least you saw the funny in the shoes. Hee Hee....

    Glad you had a memorable Christmas. Hugs to you and please stay warm. Brr...

  4. That's funny. Our very first Christmas together was our first day in our new home -- a mobile home -- and we woke up to the landlord of the trailer park knocking on our door telling us we had to move. As it turned our, when the owner bought the trailer he thought the previous owner let the landlord of the trailer park know he had sold it, but he hadn't -- I guess he thought the new owner would contact him. the trailer park landlord didn't allow rentals -- everyone in the park had to be the owners of their homes -- and he was steamed that not only did we show up in his trailer park unannounced but we were renters. Everything did get worked our amicably in the end and we lived there over six years -- but, wow, what a way to start off!

  5. Hi Brenda~~

    DAY AFTER Christmas..Oh I love your story (:) I can just picture it with the tree hitting the ceiling and bending over..we have had that happen too years back..we cut off some of the bottom trunk..

    well dear yes-I'm in a little funk too!
    But today was a warmer,sunny day I decided since we are going to friends for xmas eve and they aren't coming over here I would take down my decorations and tree.. YEAH ~!!
    we laughed that it was going to be a MONK Day (:) the prissy man on the TV show 'the MONK'..have you ever seen it?
    Plus it is Garbage Day here~~

    ... so we laughed about how fun our
    'monk day' was gonna be~~

    CLean up and throw out garbage and stuff..we like to do that..
    After all the Christmas stuff was down I did a light Spring cleaning and wrote on the blackboard hanging in the diningroom...
    ~~~~~THINK SRPING~!!

    MY Christmas diaster was this year.. we were going to our son's house for dinner and they were making the primerib, crablegs, spuds, etc, I was to bring the green salad, french bread and keylime pie..well I made up the salad and set it on on the counter,covered in suran wrap, then wrapped the sliced and butter'd /garlic bread in foil. warmed it..
    about an hour later
    WHEN we got there the salad had wilted and the bread had fallen flat..!! ugh
    ... it was alittle embarassing to say the least but we all said
    '''oh well'''
    and the evening there was wonderful(:)
    hugs, Patty

  6. Oh good play that Piano Brenda(:)
    hugs again Patty

  7. LOL.. oh I hear ya
    ''go away now snow ''(:) we are all done with ya ~!!

    Have a fun day whether it is the Goodwill or clearing out the Christmas stuff Brenda(:)

    hugs, Patty

  8. My son has a huge tree every year and every year no matter how they anchor it it falls over once.

  9. Great story! I would have cracked up!

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :-)


  10. What an interesting story. I tried to think if we ever had any Christmas calamities. I've seen so many Christmases it seems like there must have been but if there was I guess I forgot it. Oh yes, there was that one year many years ago when I cooked the turkey too long. It turned out to be a crispy critter.

  11. We have never had a tree to fall thankfully. But how redneck is this... we always tie it off with fishing line so that it won't fall LOL! This year I tied my shoe tree to the Hoosier cabinet and the fishing line is still there, dangling from the cabinet :) And our Christmas lights that we put on the house last year? DUCK TAPE! We taped them to the house!!

  12. Very funny. I'll have to think about it, but I don't think I have any funny stories like that.

  13. Such a cute story!

    We had our tree fall down one year, too! One of our ornaments broke, but not an absolute favorite one, thankfully...

  14. No Christmas calamaties. But ask me about my first "gravy" that's a different story. Calamity all over the place.

  15. The only funny story I can remember about Christmas is: While my husband and I were living in Iowa (long story) we came home to Scottsdale for Christmas. My daughter, who lived in Tempe, met my mom, who came from Hemet, CA and joined up together to buy a tree and have it all decorated by the time my sweetie and I arrived home. MY MOM GAVE THE TREE A FLAT TOP CUT! ! ! We never figured out why, but still tell the story when appropriate and laugh all over again.

    By the way, write to me at my e-mail address and tell me why you are moving to The Springs, CO I am an eternally curious person. If it is none of my business, that is OK too.............Connie


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