Monday, January 19, 2009

Home School Open House

Ever since the American Girl Doll catalog came in the mail, I believe it is safe to say that my daughter is obsessed with these dolls.

What does this have to do with home schooling? Why, history of course.

She is devouring the AG books we get at the library. We bought her the Kit Kittredge doll for Christmas (doll on right) and the doll on the left was Chels' doll, Mollie. She also received 3 AG dvds.

She is learning American history from the Revolution to World War II. Right now she relates to the year by the clothes they wear--typical girly-girl! Of course, we'll go back and sort it all out. Another benefit is that it has given her a desire to read more.

Tammy at Lattes and Lollipops sponsors the Home School Open House.

It's All HS Open House Good!


  1. I love the American Dolls. I never had one. I'm glad your girls did and do.
    Go Cards!

  2. Both my daughters were really into these dolls and the books! Most of the homeschooled girls we associated with were too. It is indeed a good way to learn American history.

  3. Oh, what a cute picture of her with her AG dolls!
    My nine yr old especially loves them, too...she doesn't have any of the big dolls, but a minature Samantha, and she loves reading the books and watching the movies.
    It's true...she has learned so much about periods in history through them and there is a line of special American doll books that talk more specifically about the times of history with lots of pictures!

    Thank you SO much for participating in the Open House today!


  4. Home Schoop open house seems like a nice idea. Good teaching technique.

  5. I had no idea about homeschooling when my kids were little. I would have done it if I knew then what I know now. What a sweet way for a girl to learn history.

  6. Beautiful daughter and lovely dolls. I'm sure she is learning a lot through these tools. And history is something that I love. I have a history Home School post on my blog. Come over when you have time.


  7. The real doll is the one in the middle named Grace :o)

    What a great way to learn American History.

  8. Brenda,

    Your daughter looks cute posing with her dolls! We love AG around here too! My daughter has Marisol, Felicity, Josefina and Kaya. She has read through all the books twice. She fell in love with them the same way your daughter did! What a fun way to learn history, right? Does your daughter have a favorite one? Joy's favorites in the books are Kaya and Kirsten. As far as the character of the girls, she likes all but Felicity is one of her very favorites.

    Thanks for sharing today! I think it's wonderful to make learning history fun in a girly way! :)


  9. I love those dolls. They are so pretty. They are almost as pretty as your Grace. Wow, I didn't know that you homeschooled her. That's such a huge commitment and I admire you for it. I had wanted to homeschool our kidlet, especially when she went into Jr. High, but Hubs said I would probably end up killing her because I have no patience and she really knows how to push my buttons. lol
    Sounds like you've been keeping yourself very busy since Chelsie moved out. I'll be looking forward to seeing the pics of what all you're doing with her room. Have a great week. :) Brenda, the other one

  10. I have never heard of this before. So good there is such an approach and she thrives on it.

  11. How grandaughters love dolls, now sure if they are into the Amerian Dolls though. They along with their brother will be home schooled next year. I admire anyone that does this. Blessings

  12. I think AG did a lot to open doors to history in a manner that our girls can relate to. :o)

  13. I think I got my first glimse of history and it's fascination through the American Girl books. I just loved imagining I lived in those times.

  14. We used to have a group of about 10 girls that were 8-11. We took turns having it at each member's home. They had two weeks to read the book. At the meeting they discussed the book and about history. We made a craft from that doll's kit. We had a treat from her cookbook. They then practiced for a play. They did 2 plays a year from the AG plays that you can order. It was a lot of fun.

  15. My girls love AG too! Thankfully, their grandmother buys them for them.

    Our local library has an AG book club for girls 7-12. They meet once a month after school and they switch dolls every three months. Last time they did Kit, this time they're doing Julie.

    The girls read the pre-assigned books before the meeting (Meet Kit, Changes for Kit, Kit Learns a Lesson--whatever the librarian chooses) then they get together and talk about it, have a snack, and make a related craft. IT IS GREAT...AND FREE!

    Sarah has participated 3-4 times and learned so much every session.

    My friend was thinking about doing something similar on her own.

    I agree, AG is very educational!

  16. My gd collected those dolls also.She's 23 now.It brings back a lot of memories to see them...Ann


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