Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cardinals and Springtime


and we got rid of our
Direct TV last week-HELLLOO!


not straight that's for sure!

Since Chels moved into her apartment Thursday, we've kept busy fixing up her room as a play/family/homeschool room. It's helped tremendously to help keep our minds focused and our eyes dry.

We live in a 3-level duplex. Garage on ground floor, living area, bed/bath (Chels') on 2nd level and our's & Grace's on the 3rd level. I said all that to say, we're not big on Grace playing upstairs in her room alone all the time while we're downstairs doing our thing--ok that didn't sound right, but you know what I mean. So we had a corner in the living room that had her kitchen center and various odds and ends of her toys that would make their way downstairs. The kitchen table was designated for homeschooling. It was constantly looking a bit untidy. Or a lot.

We've brought down all of Grace's toys and organized the closet in the 'new' room. Everything organized and reachable. YAY! We moved in our oak desk and filing cabinet. ALL of her school books and supplies plus some of my stuff fits perfectly. All hidden behind doors or drawers. And lastly, we moved in our cushioned patio furniture which is quite comfy and a coffee table and made a cute little seating area to hang out in.

My vision is to have a perpetual Springtime room. I will paint the desk, cabinet and table white. I'd like to top each piece with some floral fabric and then glass. I'm wanting to pick up some cordinating sheets to cover the patio furniture. I have some old windows that were given to me, so they'll be incorporated into the room somehow. The accessories I can pull from all over the house. All of this on my thrifty-girl budget and as time allows. In other words, Goodwill here I come!


When it's all said and done I'll post pictures.

It's All EMPTY NO MORE Good!

update: Sammy at I Think I Can could use some encouragement. She is a beautiful first-time mom to their two month old son, Khai. And currently experiencing sleep deprivation! Right now she's pretty much house-bound because the weather is so cold. I'm sure she'd appreciate any who'd like to give her a visit.


  1. Brenda,

    Thank you so much for the kind, thoughtful comment you left me today. I really, really appreciate it. It's amazing how support from another mom can mean so much and be so helpful. Your suggestion to find a LLL meeting is great. I will look into that!

    Take care, Brenda. And thank you again for reaching out to me.


  2. It sounds like you've been one busy girl this weekend! Did Chelsea get upset that her room was taken over? I want to make my daughter's room a craft room for myself except she gets upset everytime I mention it. Never mind that she's away in college in your state.

  3. I just stopped by and left a message for Sammy. Poor thing...I remember those days!

  4. The springtime room sounds very nice. Post pics, OK?

    And you are welcome to come and watch the game at my house. Just give me a week's notice if you are coming so that I can clean :(

    Bah! It's bad around here right now.

    I will visit Sammy. Sweet of you to make us aware.

  5. Congratulations on the Cardinals win...I am a big fan of Kirk therefore I was pulling for them to win! I was also happy to see the Ravens lose (but sorry about the guy that got hurt).So it the Cardinals & the Steelers! Go Cardinals!

    Can you tell I love football?

    Blessings MeMaw

  6. It's good to be able to repurpose a room and it sounds like this is great solution to your problem with Grace and supervising her play time, not to mention a great new homeschooling area.

    I'll drop by to visit my friend Sammy. :o)

    Have a great new week, Brenda.

    Love and hugs,


  7. I love that wreath!

    I have visions of a sewing/craft room when one of my sons moves out. I am really not looking forward to them moving out but I am really looking forward to that room!!

  8. When you're done organizing there, come on over!!!! I am so inspired by the ideas of other homeschooling Mom's! Yeh, GO CARDINALS!!!!!! Funny because I am here in Phoenix, and last night, Danny spent the night in Pittsburgh within eyeshot of the stadium where the other playoff game was being held. : ) Fun!!!

  9. I'm not really a football fan but I'm excited about the Cardinals going to the Super Bowl.
    Sounds like you're getting real organized. When our son moved out we turned his room into a sewing room. It helps in more ways than one to make the changes. Life moves on.

  10. I'm glad the adjustment is going so well for you guys...How is Chels doing with the move?

    I have been to visit Sammy...and thank you for lifting her up!

    Have a great rest of the week
    Love, Jess

  11. Sounds like your enjoying, through the tears, gettin gto rearrange and decorate some new space.

    Dont get to comfy your coming out here soon remember!!??

  12. What a fun idea of a springtime room! (It's my favorite season of all!)

    Hope you can join in for the home school open house! I am up late tonight and just posted (and have Mr. Linky - yay!) :)

  13. Brenda,
    love your ideas for your multi use room. The windows you mentioned gave me an idea. if you get a poster of scenery to put behind them or paint a continuous scene over all the panes and hang it, you could enjoy what ever you like, mountains and streams, city streets, children at play, etc etc.

    later sis,
    lil big sis

  14. You've been busy!

    I'll be cheering for the cardinals with you!


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