Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ronnica graciously passed this on to me. Thank you!
The Lemons into Lemonade Award

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(This award is being passed around quite a lot, and I've seen it on several of the bloggers I'd nominate, so I'm going to give them to a handful that haven't already received the award, that I know of.)

So, without further adieu--I've always wanted to say that--the Making Lemonade out of Lemons award goes to the following:

Of course #1 in my book is my sister, Reva, who has had it very rough especially the last couple of months being in and out of the hospital twice. I'm happy to say she's home now, thank God!
Her blog title says it all: Gifting Each Day. She always looks at the bright side. One example--a couple years ago we came within hours of losing her. After she made it over the hump, she remained in the hospital for 90 some days. I will never forget talking to her the first time on the phone after I got back home and she was 'out of the woods'. She was encouraging me. She felt bad that we had to go through it watching her almost die. Can you believe that? Here she is laying in her sick bed, doctors are telling us the next few hours will tell us one way or the other, someone even called the minister 'just in case', and when she comes to, she's encouraging us. She's 'gifting' us! Talk about making Lemonade! And that was the best Lemonade I've ever tasted! I love you Sis!

#2 goes to Amber (Reva's daughter). My niece is right up there with Reva. She is a wonderful daughter. Every time my sister was in the hospital, she faithfully emailed everyone daily to let us know how she was doing. Then when Reva was out of the hospital (the 90-day time) she made a journal out of all the emails and presented it to Reva. I think it was a nice outlet for her as well. Amber has three beautiful kiddos (7, 4 and almost 1), she's a stay-at-home mom and home educates as well. I think she takes after her mother, don't you?

#3 goes to Memaw who has such a grateful heart and expresses it so well in her journaling.

#4: Tammy's birthday is today. Her most recent post is full of gratefulness. A great read.

#5: Frazzled Farm Wife. I enjoy reading about her life on the farm, and boy, her title describes it perfectly. Her husband recently had to have surgery, but life on the farm has to go on!

It's All LEMONADE Good!

UPDATE Jan. 25:
My niece, Amber, just gave this award back to me! How kind is that? Thank you, Amber.


  1. Congrats to your award, and to those you passed it on to.

    Have a great weekend
    Love, Jess

  2. AMEN, AMEN You are so deserving of this award, Brenda, and your choices are wonderful. I'm familar with them all and glad I am. We all need to uphold and encourage each other because life does have a way with giving us those lemons and then it's up to us!!

  3. Brenda, dear sister of mine. Thank you so much for the lemons into lemonade award. I like lemonade and so much the better. You are such a gifting person yourself and I always find something good to remember or take with me from your blogs, not to mention your phone calls and especially your visits. It will be so very good to have you close one of these days soon.
    lil big sis

  4. Nice award. Congratulations.

    In response to your comment just now, I tried to do a new template on my blog and it erased everything on my sidebar, well almost everything. So maybe it is true what some said and that is maybe too many things on my sidebar was causing the trouble. Glad you got in without any trouble. I always enjoy your visits.

  5. Thanks for the award....that is soooo sweet of you!

  6. Well thank you very much Brenda! You and I have much in common, I too have a sister that has been very sick throughout her life, she a real trooper and continues her battles everyday.

    Again thanks for the award...I am at work tonight (shhhh! don't tell anyone LOL!)and will post on it as soon as I can from home!


  7. Thank You Brenda for the award!

    I, like my mom, like lemonade better. I use the phrase:
    You may not be able to control what life hands you but you can control how you respond and deal with it.
    Even Hannah Montana got it right in her song "Lifes what you make it"

    Ps. I sent the award back to you too.
    I am so glad I got into the blogging. It is so nice to be connected with my wonderfully good aunt Brenda!
    Love you

  8. Congratulations on your award. Your sister Reva is a real gem. I pray for complete health for her this year.

    BTW - I love the look of your blog.


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