Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Lamentations 3:23 They [his mercies] are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness. (Lamentations 3:23 kjv)
I am not a morning person.
I'm more of a sunset kind of woman!
For me to see a sunrise is a rare occurance.
Until lately. I've committed myself to getting up early for prayer and devotions (thank you, Susan :) I have a cozy little nook in my bedroom that faces east. I'm actually enjoying seeing the sunrise peak through the huge Ponderosa pine trees.

I began pondering this verse after reading some other friend's blogs who were led to write about His tender mercies. It was like the Lord gave me this spectacular sunrise to hit home His truth.
His mercies are new every morning.

A couple of days before our big Christmas Day snowstorm, it had snowed a few inches during the day then, in the middle of the night, we had a rainy sleet that left a layer of ice on the pine needles. Oh, I wish a picture could capture the spectacular scene that awaited me the next morning that literally unfolded before my eyes. As the sun rose, the ice-laden pine needles began to individually glisten a bright sparkling orange. It was amazing--and only lasted for less than a minute.

You may have woken up this morning to a gorgeous sunrise or an overcast, snowy day. But, just as sure as the sun did rise--new and unique in every way--so we can be sure of his new tender mercies.


Great is Your Faithfulness!
It's All SUNRISE Good!


  1. Sunrises, sunsets, rainbows, the beauty of a flower, a full moon, oh the wonders that our Lord blesses us with. How can anyone not believe in our wonderful God?
    Ringing in my head is the melody to "Great is thy faithfulness oh Lord, great is they faithfulness."
    Thanks Brenda!

  2. I rarely see a sunrise. I'm much more likely to see a sunset. But just as sure as the sun sets every evening, He promises that the sun will rise again every morning until He comes back for those that are written in the Lamb's Book Of Life.

    Great devotion, Brenda. Hope you're having a good week. :o)

    Love and hugs,


  3. It's neat that an ordinary snow-covered pine needle would glisten with brilliance from the shining of the sun (Son) even if it shines on a solitary needle. Great word picture.

  4. Wow but you are an awesome writer.

    I'm not a morning person either. Love my hours late at night in a quiet house. But I can see the REAL benefit of beginning your day with the Lord. He's still working on me in so many ways... I might join you in the morning Bible Study habits.

  5. Great Post... I like the way He is giving you these devotions! And you are doing it His way, stress-free.

    Have a wonderful end of the week

    Love, Jess

  6. What an inspiration Brenda. This is my years word FIRST. That is what I want to do is put Him first in my day to. Love this.

  7. God is so good, and I'm so thankful for His tender mercies. I'm thankful His mercies are new every morning. And I'm thankful for the beauty found in nature, and that part of His mercy is that He lets me wake up every morning and see His beautiful creation.
    Have a great day, Brenda.
    :) Brenda (the other one)

  8. I love watching the sunrise, not that I've done it in awhile.
    It's just new and fresh. A beauty God has created for us!
    Before I was pregnant with Evan I used to go run at 5:30am just before the sun came up, so my hour run was watching the sun come up. There is no time I have ever felt so...I dont even know what words to use. There is something special in sunrises and now you've got me all jazzed up to get up and see the sunrise tomorrow:)

  9. Your post brightened my dreary day today!

  10. Oh Brenda(:) that was beautiful..the picture too~
    have a great day..
    hugs, Patty

  11. What a glorious sight that must have been. I think ice and snow are so pretty. I remember the winter I lived in Colorado how beautiful the snow was. It was all so pretty and white and clean.
    Sunrise and sunset. They are both so pretty.


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